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Things you have to consider before selecting a wall color


When designing your home, choosing the right paint color for the walls is more important than you think.  It makes a small room look bigger and a bigger room smaller.  It can brighten a dark room and block the brightness of an overly sunny room.  Likewise, it can warm a room facing the north or live in the evening light.

How to select the best color for your house?  How do you know which color has certain properties?  How does the orientation of a room affect its appearance when the paint is on the wall? But before all it’s essential you get professional support to choose a color, you can get help from painters in Melbourne.

This is where a little color theory can be of great help in studying how colors behave in different situations in a real home. This guide to deciding the perfect paint color contains everything you need to know to get your projects right the first time.

This is important because the quality of the light changes depending on whether the room faces north, south, east or west, and the color of the paint changes property of that wall.

 North-facing rooms have cool and intense lighting, avoid cool colors as they will give a cool, flat look.

 If you want a combination of colors, select yellow or pink.

 Do you like the neutral scheme?  To keep it warm, select a pink or yellow paint.

East-facing rooms receive light earlier but get cooler as the day progresses, the bright, neutral sunlight is balanced by a blue or green or a blue or green base, making it less intense.

 Instead, if you want to make your mornings beautiful, select a bright color that goes well with the sun.

The south-facing rooms have a warm, cheerful light throughout the day, so keep in mind that paint can look lighter, so consider cool colors to create a stormy atmosphere. Knowing that the light in the room warms it up, decide a neutral color with a cooler base than anyone else.

Rooms facing west will be cool in the morning and then utilize the warm light, so knowing that sunlight should be balanced by cool colors or enhanced by bright colors at the end of the day, follow the same rules as in an east-facing space.

If you want the walls of your living room to be a backdrop for brightly colored furniture, rugs and accessories, white, off white, and cream color variations are good options.

Gray neutrals are still popular, functional in family homes, easy to combine with gray anywhere else in the room, or decorated in bright colors.  Blue has been a favorite recently and continues to be a favorite in many homes, from calm sea tones to turquoise and modern bold colors.

Warm up your bedroom with colors like indigo and taupe.  Balance dark walls and light floors. Follow the botanical trend with green walls and keep it natural with houseplants. Stay calm with a more subtle indifference, especially if the goal is to make the small bedroom feel more spacious.

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