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How to Keep Solar Panels Clean


Solar panels have become quite popular because of how they can reduce your monthly utility bills and provide clean energy to the home. But purchasing and installing solar panels come with the responsibility of maintaining them as well. There is generally a warranty period that will cover certain repairs within a specific time. This will be different for each supplier.

Solar panels can be mounted on a roof or on the ground by using certain supportive structures. But they are generally exposed to the elements and the different surroundings of your locations. With time, there can be dirt, grime, bird droppings etc. that can get accumulated on the top of the solar panels. There can also be growth of fungus. There are companies that specialise in solar panel cleaning Sydney that can make sure your solar panels are kept clean routinely and make sure that no harm comes to the panels during cleaning sessions. They will understand which materials can be used for cleaning and they will provide you with solutions to keeping most of the dirt off the panels. In addition to deep cleaning sessions carried out by a certified company, you can also carry out some routine maintenance.

Dirt, leaves and water that are left on the solar panel can block the panel and this will affect your solar panel system negatively. Light can still get through a slight amount of dust and most of the time, rain can take care of cleaning the panels of dust. But when there is dirt or grime blocking the panel, the efficiency of the panel will be reduced. If you have installed solar panels in an area with a lot of trees, bird droppings can be a major concern. It is best to have the solar panels at an angle because this allows rainwater to clean them. Water can collect on the top of flat panels. If your solar panels are mounted on the ground, it may be easier for you to clean them but if they are mounted on the roof, it is best to contact a professional cleaning service to ensure safety.

You should avoid scratching the solar panels and they should be handled gently. You can simply use water with a sponge that is not abrasive on the surface of the panel. If there is a layer of deposited dirt, you might need some mild detergent to complete the job. Avoid using a high pressure water gun for cleaning. Sponging is better and you can use a normal hose to pour water onto the surface. If you are cleaning rooftop solar panels, you can check if you can find long handled cleaning equipment. Otherwise, proper safety precautions should be taken. There should be a safety harness and you should be wearing a hard hat. You can also ask the solar panel installation company whether there are any protective coatings that will repel dust and dirt. There are also electrical monitors that can be used to monitor the amount of dirt that is built-up on the panel. This can give you an indication of when to initiate cleaning.

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