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Different Types of Pool Heating Systems


If you’re looking for a great addition to your backyard, a swimming pool is one of the best you could have. Aside from adding to your home’s aesthetic appeal, it also serves as a perfect spot where you could entertain guests or have fun with the whole family. Indeed, investing in a swimming pool is really worth it no matter what its size is.

When you already have your pool, the next step you should consider is how to make it more relaxing and fun. Nothing is more relaxing than swimming in a warm pool. Even if the summer months are already out, you could still swim in comfortable temperatures as long as you have a pool heating system.

There are different types of pool heating systems to choose from. Read along and learn more about each kind.

Solar Heating

Solar pool heating is the most popular pool heating option because of its cost-efficiency. If your home is located in a place that receives a lot of sunlight, then this pool heating option would work great for you. You can run a solar pool heater for a longer time without worrying about your electric bill. Aside from that, this heating type is also eco-friendly since it uses a renewable energy source to power it. You could enjoy a warm swimming pool all day long with free heating when you opt for a solar heating system.

Electric Pool Heating

Electric pool heating is another popular way of heating a pool. It works by collecting the heat from the surrounding air and use it to heat the pool water via a heat exchanger. Since it can still heat the pool even without sunlight, it is a popular option for those areas that don’t experience much sunny climate. Electric heat pumps can heat a pool fast however, it consumes much electricity when running which could definitely make your electric bill soar up when you’re using it regularly.

Gas Pool Heating

Lastly, a gas pool heating system is another way to keep your pool warm and comfortable. It uses gas as its power source and you have better control over the preferred water temperature. Although gas pool heating is highly effective, it is the most expensive way of heating a pool because it is gas-powered. However, it could heat up a pool faster than any other heating system with any temperature of your choice.

Aside from the pool, gas pool heating is also popular in heating spa water where heat is greatly important for hydrotherapy and other spa treatments. When your location doesn’t get much sun or when your climate is naturally cool, a gas pool heating system would be more effective for your pool.

There are plenty of pool heating systems you could choose from. There are plenty of factors to be considered when choosing one such as the climate, frequency of pool use, purpose of pool, and many more. If you’re not sure which one to choose, consult an expert in pool heating to know which the right one for your pool is.

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