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Different Types of Antique Lighting Styles


The history of antique lighting styles goes back to centuries. The historical importance and unique styling related with antique lighting fixtures make them a luxurious addition to your home design. Lighting is an important factor to create a beautiful atmosphere in any space. And when it comes to your home, it should be a top priority. While there are many choices to select with, we will look into the antique lighting styles which will help you in selecting the type which will suit the best for your dream home.

Mid-century modern

The Mid-century modern lighting style was present in the period of 1950s-1960s.This style came up with natural materials paired with unique forms depicting a futuristic style. These feature a wall-mounted bracket, a lathe carved teak with a frosted glass globe shade. They were made up of streamlined silhouettes which was inspired by both geometric and organic forms.


The Industrial lighting style era is considered as a stylistic era. This was around the period of 1920s-1940s. The most important thing is that Industrial typically refers more to function rather than to the time period. This came up with a wall-mounted vintage task lamp. It was mostly used in factories, garages and workstations. They were made up of materials like metal, steel and brass which were simple designs with unique functionality.

Art Deco

The Art deco lighting style was quite famous. The main reason for this was that it was around the period of 1920s and 1930s, where the 1st world war was just ended. During that time there was a major interest in archaeology and with excavations being uncovered such as those of Egyptian pyramids, designers were totally into it. This included touches of ancient Greek and Egyptian styles as well. This had elements like zig-zag lines and geometric shapes. There are many art deco lighting options have reflective accents, cast brass and glass shades.

Classical Revival

The Classical revival lighting style was present in the period of 1800s-1900s. This was inspired from the gilt and glamour of the 17th century from France. Crystal is considered as the hallmark of the classical revival movement, which treats its lighting with some favourite ancient detailing. Greek key, Acanthus leaf and Wave motifs are few examples. These are made with gilded designs and luxurious materials. Classical revival fixtures are a mix of gas fixtures and converted electric lights.


The Victorian lighting style was in the trend in the period of mid to late 1800s. This is considered as an important era in the field of lighting, because the shift from gas power to electricity happened in this era. An incredible fixture named the Civil-war era 2-arm pendant was originally lit by gas, but it was converted it to electric power in the modern age. The Victorian lighting fixtures comes with glass shades with etchings and colourful arts.

Antique lighting styles are renovated and restored for the purpose of the legacy of beauty and lighting to continue through the modern generations as well. So, through this you would have got a proper knowledge on the antique lighting styles and their unique fixtures.

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