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What is a pergola and why you need one


A pergola is a structure made of columns and beams that typically form a patio, shaded walkway, or shelter above a garden.  They are often used as an extension of a building, but their primary purpose is to provide a centerpiece to the garden or outdoors. Typically confused with an arbor, an arbor has a more open structure, an arbor is generally empty and usually has an arched roof and is usually used as an entrance. Pergolas were historically built of stone, brick, and wood, and have been found in gardens since Roman times with structures protruding from the outer walls and supported on one side by pillars.

You may have heard the word in several places perhaps in the media, with friends or colleagues. There maybe something that made you learn more about the purpose of a pergola.  If you love nature, pay close attention to the outdoors, the views of your home, and your innate desire to create unremarkable beauty and hospitality for your family and friends.  Perhaps you’re staring out the window in your backyard and unhappy with the limited space, or you just want it to feel more involved in the nature.  Well, your answer lies in making sure that the comfort of your own home can be just as enjoyable as being in your own backyard.

Everyone wants to make their own backyard an extension of their creative interior. You may be wondering, does a pergola really provide shade.  Yes, a pergola is designed to add shade to the garden.  They are ideal for blocking intense direct sunlight so that sunlight can fill in the space. You can get expert advice when getting one. The pergola does not provide complete shade, but its versatile design allows shading If you need full coverage you can add a retractable blind.

This option allows you to enjoy different levels of shade depending on the time of day or the location of the sun.  Retractable blinds are not the only solution for complete sun protection.  There are many ways to add more beauty to the pergola, in a way which you can reflect your creativity and style.

There pergolas are spectacular and they add more beauty to your garden, yard or the pool. These pergolas are available in different forms. Made of timber, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. The most commonly used are timber as it can be more connected to the nature than the others. Tiber is more stronger and durable compared to other ones. Also timber pergolas melbourne have different varieties of pergolas which will be suitable for your requirements.

Another way to spice up a pergola is to plant plants or grow roses and other plants across the beams.  Give your arch a romantic mood and light it up in the evening with lanterns thrown on rails or cross beams.  If you want to add a touch of Greek style, hang pergola curtains or colored linen pieces outside or on top.

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