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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles


There are so many different varieties of tiles that you can find on the market to choose from. If you simply visit a showroom to select tiles, you can get a little overwhelmed so it is best to carry out some research and narrow down your options before you start browsing for tiles.

When renovating your bathroom, there will be a theme that is already in place. Maybe it is something that corresponds to the interior design theme of the overall house. Having the same theme throughout the house creates a uniform flow and it will enrich the design further. Consider the style of your fittings as well. Maybe they are more of a modern design or something that leans towards a more traditional style. You have to understand the scope of the bathroom renovation before you start choosing the finishes. A complete remodel will mean that you are replacing the fittings as well and in that case you will have more freedom on the style of the tile. If you are keeping the fittings, you will need to go with something that matches the theme. You can also get recommendations on which tiles will go best with what you have by asking your bathroom tiling Camberwell contractor.

If there is a tile that has caught your interest or if there is a tile that has a special accent, that can be your starting point. Otherwise, you can choose a few tile styles that match the existing theme of the fittings and the house interior. While you may be tempted to choose a large number of different styles, try to limit yourself to a maximum of three different tiles. This will prevent the space from becoming too crowded or complicated. When there are too many different tiles in one place, your eye will not know what to focus on and it will all be a blur. So choose the areas that you want to highlight. This can be the shower area or the washing area where the sink counters are. You can use a special accent tile for these areas but don’t overdo it as this will dilute the effect. This is the focal point of your bathroom. You can then choose a secondary tile that will still support the theme of this accent tile but doesn’t compete with it for attention.

You can either go with the same tile for both floor or wall or choose different styles. The size of the tile is another consideration. This affects the visual aesthetics as well as maintenance. When you go for larger tiles, there will be fewer grooves on the floor and wall. This means you will have to do less maintenance. When there are smaller tiles, there are a lot of grooves to be cleaned and it can take up your entire day. When working with a budget, you can go with a pricey tile for the accent as this will be a small area. The compliment to this tile can be from a range that is more affordable.

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