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Tips for Choosing an E-Cigarette Starter Kit


Vaping is seen as an alternative to traditional smoking and if this is something you are considering, you can start looking for an e-cigarette starter kit. These kits are very convenient as they will have everything you need to start vaping without you having to look for each component.

Before you select a kit, you have to think about what your vaping style is

The two main styles of vaping are DTL or direct-to-lung and MTL or mouth-to-lung. If you are used to traditional smoking and you are looking for an alternative to drop your habit, MTL vaping will be ideal as it has a similar sensation. You will be inhaling vapour into the mouth first and then to lungs. But in DTL vaping, the vapour is inhaled directly to the lungs and this is where you can produce larger clouds which are quite popular in vaping.

You can also experience more intense flavour with this. The satisfaction you get from vaping largely depends on the nicotine strength. So you will need to think about the preferred strength. You may need to start with higher strength if you are transitioning from traditional cigarettes and then slowly reduce the nicotine strength as you go along. There are even nicotine free e-liquids if you are not a smoker and you want to have a better idea of the vaping experience.

There are many critical components of a vaping device and one of these is the coil

You will need to replace this from time to time to keep up the performance. When choosing a starter kit, check the availability of the replacement coils and affordability. It may be more convenient to select a vape kit that is compatible with a number of coil options. There are different brands such as Vaporesso GT coils. There are also different types of coils such as single coil, dual coil, Clapton coil and mesh coil.

Single coils have a single wire that it is wound into a coil whereas the dual coil will have two wires. The single coils are great to start with. Dual coils will need more power to operate but they contribute to increased flavour and vapour production. Heating is distributed properly in a mesh coil and provides a smooth vaping experience. You should consider the battery life of the kit and its capacity. If you choose one with a longer battery life, you will not have to charge it frequently.

The size of the device is another factor. Think about what suits your lifestyle more

If you want a portable kit, look for a lightweight and compact device. But if your priority is a longer battery life, you can go for a slightly larger device. Select a kit that is easy to use with only a few settings. This will be more user-friendly and will come with a smaller learning curve. There are adjustable settings in some starter kits where you can change voltage, wattage and control airflow so that you can fine-tune your vaping experience. Make sure to look for safety features as well such as over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection and overcharge protection.

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