Things To Think About When Choosing Doors For Hotels

Here is an overview of thing you need to think about when choosing doors for hotels, such as fire resistance, sound resistance properties and security. 

Hotels are multi-faceted spaces that house range of activities day and night, and a large spread of people, and their infrastructure must reflect this diversity.

Doors are a very important component in the overall makeup of a hotel and must be able to take whatever is thrown at them. Here are some things to think about when choosing doors for hotels.

Fire Resistance

Fire door” is a short term for a fire-rated door set. Fire doors consist of the door leaf, frame and associated hardware such as handles, locks, viewing panels and air grills. Fire rated doors are an essential part of every building’s fire protection model – hotels in particular.

Fire doors save lives by stopping fire and smoke from spreading quickly and from entering places where staff or patrons may get trapped, like stairwells and corridors. They are also crucial for the hotel’s preservation and ensuring flames do not spread past the source.

Acoustic Properties

Solid core doors have fantastic sound proofing properties.

Any kind of door works as a sound barrier at some level. With standard doors, however, sound waves will still manage to make their way through unless further preventative measures are taken. These measures include sound insulation and sound absorption – putting up an acoustic barrier.

The greater the mass of the insulation material per unit area of a door, the more soundproof it will be. A double-leaf partition – two sections separated by an air gap filled with a sound absorber – is an efficient and practical sound absorber.

Quality and Durability

Hotels need to highly durable and able to take a lot of wear and tear. The overall build quality of solid core fire doors is far superior to hollow core doors, and thus are extremely durable and will last a lifetime in a hotel.


Hotels are all about looks and granduer! Despite being heavy-duty, solid core doors and fire doors are extremely adaptable and can be aesthetically tailored to suit many types of hotel fit-outs.


Solid core doors offer far superior levels of resistance to attacks and/or forced entry. While there are security doors  avaliable for heavy duty applications (ballistic doors), standard solid core doors and fire doors are still very hefty and are more suitable in hotels.

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