Standard Warranty

Standard Warranty of Fire Systems Engineering Pty Ltd (ABN 12 096 898 181) trading as FSE – Special Purpose Doors (the “Company”).
  1. Due to variations in raw materials and other factors, timber products and veneers may vary in shade, colour, glaze, finish or in other ways from goods of the same description displayed or advertised by the company or sold at other times by the company under the same description. No claims in respect to variations in shade, colour, glaze or finish etc. of goods sold by the company will be accepted after the goods have been affixed or used.
  2. The following are specific terms and conditions relating to door products manufactured and sold the Company:
    1. Natural variations in the colour, texture or grain pattern of the timber, wood or MDF used are not to be considered defects.
    2. Doors must be accorded reasonable treatment by the purchaser and shall be stored or hung in dry buildings and not in damp, moist or freshly plastered areas.
    3. The utility or structural strength must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering of the door for lights, louvers, panels or any special details. A maximum of 3mm may be trimmed from any door.
    4. Normal ‘show-through’ of substrates, core materials, reinforcing or frame components in doors shall not be considered a defect.
    5. All fire and solid core doors must be hinged with a minimum three (3) hinges.
    6. Entrance or exit doors must be installed in weather protected areas.
    7. As soon as practical, but no longer than 24 hours after delivery, the entire door, including the top and bottom edges, must receive two coats of oil based paint (or sealer) to prevent absorption of moisture.
    8. Semi-gloss or satin finishes are recommended for all doors to reduce “show-through”.
    9. Exterior finishes are to be applied strictly in accordance with paint manufacturer’s instructions. Entrance and exterior doors should be finished in light reflective colours to reduce the risk of heat absorption which may cause warping.
    10. Dark colours may void warranty.
    11. Both faces should have similar colours applied. Regular maintenance should be provided to prevent deterioration.
    12. Interpretation of Warp:
      1. Warp shall be interpreted as meaning the cupping/bowing or twisting of doors. It refers to distortion within the door itself and not its relationship to the jambs or frame in which it is hung. Warp exceeding 5mm shall be considered a defect.
      2. The guarantee against warp does not apply to the following:
      3. 35mm, 40mm (nominally) thick doors wider than 920mm or higher than 2135mm.
      4. 45mm (nominally) thick doors wider than 920mm or higher than 2400mm.
      5. Doors with face veneers of different species.
      6. Doors that are improperly hung or do not swing freely.
      7. External flush doors which have been painted or stained dark colours, or different colours each face.
      8. Experience has demonstrated that when warp occurs after doors have been delivered to storage or building sites, it is usually due to improper storage or adverse moisture conditions after hanging and not to faulty manufacture.
    13. The Company will accept no responsibility for doors when moisture content of the timber falls below 12% or exceeds 18%.
  3. In regard to doors using blockboard construction:
    1. The customer acknowledges that by virtue of their very construction method, blockboard doors will have the following characteristics:
      1. show through;
      2. uneven surface quality;
      3. a greater tendency to warp, twist or bow;
    2. the customer accepts all responsibility for any defects associated with ordering blockboard doors excepting obvious manufacturing defects.
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