FSE is a wholly Australian owned company specialising in the manufacture and design of door systems solutions for commercial, industrial and special purpose applications.
Heritage Door Upgrades
Many building throughout Australia are of cultural or historical significance and are protected by heritage preservation orders.
Sliding Fire Doors
The long established fire engineering strategy of using compartmentation to manage and resist the spread of fire within buildings is a practice that is extensively prescribed in the Australian building codes.
Solid Core Doors
FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures two main types of solid core timber doors. These are the high moisture resistant particleboard core type and the traditional pine blockboard core.
Acoustic Doors
FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures the full range of E-Core® fire acoustic smoke doors
Radiation Shielded Doors
FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures fire-rated and solid core timber doors to suit radiation shielded requirements.
Accessories and Options
FSE Special Purpose Doors doorsets are available with a bewildering array of accessories and options.
Double Action Fire Doors
FSE Special Purpose Doors double action fire doors are used in areas of high traffic where the path of egress could be in either direction.
Hinged Fire Doors
FSE Special Purpose Doors is a licenced manufacturer of E-Core® fire doorsets. E-Core® holds one of the largest range of approvals of any fire doorset anywhere.


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