Sliding Fire Doors

The long established fire engineering strategy of using compartmentation to manage and resist the spread of fire within buildings is a practice that is extensively prescribed in the Australian building codes.


What are Sliding Fire Doors?

Providing the safest environments possible for your building project and its future occupants is of utmost importance for any architect or builder. And when it comes to fire safety, compartmentalisation is standard strategy for restricting the spread of fire.

This is generally achieved by using fire rated wall systems to divide up areas into manageable risk sizes. One of the inevitable outcomes of this strategy is that there will be situations where large openings are required in the walls to allow for the effective movement of plant or equipment, people, vehicles and machinery or where the use of conventional side hung doors is impractical.

Sliding Fire Doors from FSE Special Purpose Doors

The FSE Sliding Fire Door configuration required is dependent on the size of the opening to be protected and the available side-room and headroom. FSE sliding fire Doors are available in Single Leaf, Bi-Parting, Multiple Leaf, and Combination Multiple Leaf Bi-Parting to ensure we can provide the right solution.

FSE sliding fire doors are rated up to 4 hours – this can include 1, 2, 3, or 4 hour doors – are available in steel or plywood finish, can be lead-lined for acoustic performance and up to a maximum size of 5500mm in height and 8000mm in width.

E-Core® Doors are popular fire door options that can suit sliding systems well. They are made from non-laminated construction materials and are very lightweight and versatile, making them excellent sliding solutions that can still provide reliable fire protection.

The Building Code of Australia (C3.6) states that all sliding fire doors must be fitted with an electro-magnetic device that will:

(a) Automatically close the sliding doors more than 30 seconds, but no less than 20 seconds, after the door is released

(b) Link to an emergency system and automatically deactivate if a fire, smoke or warning system / alarm is triggered

Electro-magnetic devices can also be overridden using a manual button or switch. This allows occupants to keep the door open if necessary, and close it using a manual release. Magnamatic devices are common and reliable opening/closing electro-magnetic solutions that can be installed in conjunction with your sliding fire doors.

Who Needs Sliding Fire Doors?

Sliding fire door systems are suitable for larger buildings with a high level of foot traffic. These include:

• Schools and educational institutions

• Factories, plants and warehouses

• Shopping centres

• Car park constructions

• Hospitals, nursing homes and medical buildings

• Residential building complexes

For further information on sliding fire doors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other destination across Australia, contact FSE Special Purpose Doors at [email protected] or +61 2 9905 8222.