FSE are certified to carry out routine services and maintenance in regulation with AS1851


Standards Australia requires all building and property owners to carry out routine service of fire protection systems and equipment (AS 1851) every 6 months.

Our maintenance procedures of both Sliding Fire Doors and Hinged Fire Doors consist of full operational test simulations to ensure correct automatic closing as well as inspection and repair of damage to the door and surroundings.

We also include general and preventative maintenance including removing covers, cleaning and lubricating all operational hardware and fixings. Final adjustments and tightening of fixtures ensure correct operation of your fire door.

For the guaranteed 30 year life cycle of your Fire Door, FSE recommends 3 maintenance inspections within the first year of installation (3 month, 6 months and one year), and then once every 5 years, for the longevity of your fire door.

To book an inspection or talk to us about our fire door maintenance services please get in touch with us via the contact page or phone us on 1300 663 451.