Heritage Door Upgrades

Many building throughout Australia are of cultural or historical significance and are protected by heritage preservation orders.


What are Heritage Door Upgrades?

Heritage door upgrades refers to the process of upgrading the doors in heritage buildings to meet the current fire resistant ratings set by the BCA (AS1530.4).

This process may involve upgrading hardware (heritage-style hardware can be purchased to ensure the upgrade maintains the existing design and period of the door), dismantling the door so that concealed adjustments and proofing can be carried out, or even replacing the doors all together.

Challenges in Fire Proofing Heritage Buildings

The main challenge for many architects and builders is to both ensure the building and its doors are fire proofed, and that the building’s features and historical significance are not damaged or changed substantially in the upgrade.

When working with builders and suppliers, it is essential that they have prior experience upgrading heritage buildings, with the necessary skills to carry out the fire proofing, yet without harming the period features.

Fire Rated Heritage Doors from FSE Special Purpose Doors

As important as these heritage preservation orders are, they can prove difficult for designers and builders in retaining the original building features whilst meeting current safety regulations.

FSE Special Purpose Doors is able to supply and install tested and approved fireproofing systems to existing heritage doors. These fireproofing systems have been successfully tested to AS1530.4 and fully comply with the relevant building codes.  This enables building owners and operators to maintain their building’s historical significance and meet modern safety standards.

Read more about fire proofing your existing heritage doors here.

If you’re looking to fire proof your existing heritage doors, contact FSE Special Purpose Doors on 1300 4 DOORS.