Double Action Fire Doors

FSE double action fire doors are used in areas of high traffic where the path of egress could be in either direction.


What Are Double Action Fire Doors?

Swinging double action fire doors act like any other fire door and come with fire resistant ratings to ensure maximum fire protection.

However, the key difference with fire rated swinging double action fire doors is that they will swing back and forth 180-degrees to allow traffic to move quickly and easily back and forth through the doors.

Double action fire doors are ideal for passageways that face a high volume of traffic and egress each day or contain a high volume of occupants. They are utilised in expansive areas where doorways and corridors are quite large and hence require a larger door to satisfy fire separation zoning requirements.

Double Action Fire Doors From FSE Special Purpose Doors

These door leaves are of different construction to the standard leaf and essential intumescent seals must be fitted to the head and vertical stiles.

These doors have a nominal finished thickness of 45mm and are available in single and double (pair) configuration up to 2700mm in height and 2400mm in width with a maximum 2 hour fire rating. These come fitted with the required intumescent seals and are supplied with the aluminium bullnose edge system.

Who Needs Double Action Fire Doors?

Double action fire doors are ideal in passageways where the volume of traffic is consistently high, and flows in both directions.

Schools and Hospitals: Schools and hospitals need to facilitate easy and swift movement in corridors, passageways and between certain rooms/areas. Double action doors are perfect for these spaces.

Commercial: This includes office blocks, hospitality venues, hotels, theatres and auditoriums. These spaces house a large number of people, and double action fire doors are often the best solution to accomodate traffic flow.

Industrial: Industrial spaces house a wide range of activities, some of which are inherently dangerous. Double action fire doors are the best solution for these environments.

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