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Moving with Kids: Tips for Helping Children Adjust to a New Home or School


Moving to a new home or school can be a stressful experience for children. Their routines are disrupted, their familiar surroundings change, and they’re thrust into unfamiliar environments. With careful planning and consideration though, parents can ease the transition and help their kids adapt smoothly.

Before the Move

  1. Have Open Discussions

Begin by having open and honest discussions about the move. Explain the reasons for the move, show them pictures of the new home, and discuss the exciting new things they can expect. Make sure they understand they can always talk to you about any concerns or questions they might have.

  • Make a Visit

If possible, visit your new home and the surrounding areas before the move. This allows your kids to familiarise themselves with the new neighbourhood, their new school, and any local parks or recreational areas.

  • Pack Together

Involving your children in the packing process can help them feel more invested in the move. If they are old enough, allow them to pack some of their own belongings – this helps them understand that their favourite toys and items are coming with them to the new home.

During the Move

  • Hire Professionals

Moving can be a hectic process – that’s why hiring the best removalist in Sydney can be a wise choice. Professionals can help alleviate stress and give you more time to focus on your children; not to mention ensure that all your belongings are safely transported to your new home.

  • Keep Familiar Items Accessible

It’s important for kids to have access to their favourite toys, books, or blankets during the move. Having these items will provide them with a sense of comfort and normality during this potentially unsettling time.

After the Move

  • Maintain Routines

Maintaining routines can help children adjust to the new environment more easily – try to keep mealtimes, bedtimes, and other routines as consistent as possible.

  • Unpack their Rooms First

Unpacking your children’s rooms first can help them adjust and feel comfortable more quickly. This way, they’ll have a space where they feel secure and familiar, even among all the newness.

  • Encourage Participation in Local Activities

Enrolling your children in local activities or clubs can help them make friends and feel more at home in the new community. This could be a local sports team, art class, or after-school club.

  • Communicate with their New School

Make an effort to maintain good communication with your children’s new school, as this allows you to stay informed about their progress and any potential issues that may arise. Don’t hesitate to address any concerns with the school administration or teachers.

Final Thoughts

A move can be a big transition for children, but with these tips in mind, you can help them adjust more easily to their new home or school. Remember, open communication, consistency, and reassurance can go a long way in ensuring your child feels secure during this significant change. And, hiring a trusted removalist can make the process much smoother, allowing you more time to focus on your child’s emotional needs.

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