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How to Select Tapware for Your Bathroom


When completely renovating a bathroom from scratch or furnishing a new bathroom, you need to think about all design details involved and how the overall style of the home matches that of the bathroom interior. One of the important tasks in completing a bathroom is the selection of tapware. You need to make sure they are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. It can take some time for the next renovation to take place so you need to think about the timelessness of the finishes and fixtures you select.

You shouldn’t be focusing on the cost only as a cheap tap can only last you for so long until it presents problems or the original finish gets altered. So you need to be very particular about all aspects of tapware. The basin types and other ceramicware that you are using for the bathroom should be considered when you purchase tapware. So when purchasing a tap, you need to think about the basin that you have selected for the bathroom. If there is no selection, you need to look at the options available and the type of plumbing in your bathroom. Some of the finishes for tapware are brushed gold, brushed metal, chrome, gunmetal, matt black and brushed nickel tapware. The plumbing will decide whether you need wall mounted taps or top mounted taps. Top mounted taps come with a lot of colours, finishes and styles. You can mount them directly to the wash basin or onto the horizontal counter surface. However, wall mounted taps are a great way of saving counter space.

The traditional tapware that we are used to seeing are the three-piece tapware that has provision for both hot and cold water. They can be wall mounted or top mounted. There are mixer taps where the spouts for hot and cold water are not separated. You will be able to mix the two temperatures to get your ideal temperature and the water will come from one spout. These are good for single hole basins. For two hole basins, you can use a pillar tap and they come with two separate faucets for hot and cold water. You need to match the size of the tap to the size of the basin. If the spout is too short, then the water will spill out of the basin. Similar splashing will occur if the spout is too long. You need to check how many holes the basin or the wall needs when it comes to your preferred tap style. Keep in mind that the tap style has to be determined before the plumbing for the bathroom is completed.

When it comes to baths or shower areas, there are diverter mixers and freestanding mixers. In a diverter system, you can switch the water flow between the bath spout and the showerhead. Freestanding mixers rise from the floor and are an elegant option for freestanding baths. Think about the showerhead that you prefer. There are multiple shower heads, single heads, waterfall and rain showerheads.

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