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How to Reduce the Heat of Your Property


AC not nearly cutting it during the searing hot Australian Summertime? It can be pretty tough in the heat so when the temperature outside rises, here are some ways to keep your property cool and comfortable inside.

Install Ceiling Fans- It’s common knowledge that flowing air may make you feel a few degrees colder. You may produce airflow that will assist you in cooling down by installing ceiling fans. This will allow you to avoid the expense of lowering the thermostat temperature even more, which would be necessary. If you want the air to be cooler in your room during the summer, turn the ceiling fan so that it rotates counterclockwise. In addition, during the summertime you should run the exhaust fans in your bathrooms; this will assist in releasing the rising hot air to the outside of your home. If you need professionals to help you out with this, make sure to check out ducted heating and cooling Melbourne

Pull Down the Shades- If you have window frames that let in direct sunshine at any time of the day, you will find that it is to your advantage to keep the blinds or curtains drawn during at least the warmest portion of the day, even if you let in sunlight at other times of the day. Try tilting the blinds upwards in the rooms that are on the lower floors of your home to block the sun’s rays and the heat they produce.

Put on some heat-reducing film- Considering that the windows are responsible for the entry of around 30 percent of the ambient heat into your home, installing a reflecting, heat-reducing window film can be a simple and quick solution to the problem of keeping your house at a comfortable temperature. In addition to this, it operates in reverse, allowing for greater retention of warm air within the home during the colder months; therefore, its installation is a breeze.

A Thermostat That Can Be Programmed- You may reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling your house by installing a programmable thermostat. This can also help you save money. If you leave the house during the day, you may instruct the thermostat to lower the temperature by a few degrees just before you return. This will ensure that the house is at a temperature that is comfortable for you upon your return while preventing the waste of energy

Give Your Ducts Some Extra Oomph- Installing a duct booster fan, which only requires plugging it in and turning it on, can help increase the amount of cold air that is drawn into a space that is too warm. Select the model that best suits your needs and position it in the register vent, and then plug it in for a straightforward and uncomplicated method of bringing cold air into the room.

Employ a Portable A/C Unit- When it comes to chilling the sections of your house that get the most traffic, a mobile AC unit is a fantastic choice. You’ll have access to cool air exactly where you require it the most thanks to their portability and ability to be transferred from room to room.

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