All Your Hotel Fire Door Questions Answered

Here is an overview of hotel fire doors that covers the different options available, how to handle heritage hotels and how to maintain your doors.

Just like any other building, hotels require a strict and compliant fire protection system to be in place. In these spaces, fire doors are essential for containing flame and smoke, making sure they do not make their way into isolated areas such as stairwells. Hinged fire doors are the most common type you will find in hotels.

Why Do You Need Fire Doors?

Fire doors are an essential part of any hotel’s fire protection model. They are crucial to the safety of the building and the safety of the people inside.

Fire doors are also vital in containing fire, ensuring they do not spread throughout the hotel and between buildings. This is called compartmentalisation and is particularly pertinent to hotels, often located in built-up metropolitan areas where buildings are quite close together. The risk of fire spreading is much higher.

In a nutshell, fire doors save buildings and lives.

Hinged Fire Doors For Hotels

Our commercial hinged fire doors are perfect for use in hotels. Our product has been designed and engineered specifically for heavy-duty use that offers higher performance levels of security, longevity and sound attenuation – three significant factors in hotels. These fire doors have achieved fire ratings up to 4 hours when tested to AS 1530.

On the other hand, our residential hinged fire doors have a fire rating of one hour – the minimum requirement for entryways in residential buildings and hotels. It has been specifically designed and engineered for light use situations yet offers excellent strength, durability, security and privacy.

Read more about our hinged fire door products here.

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Heritage Fire Door Options

Many hotels around Australia are of cultural or historical significance and are protected by heritage preservation orders. As important as this is, these heritage doors can pose quite an issue for designers and builders who want to retain a building’s venerable aesthetics but also need to meet modern safety standards.

Luckily, we can supply and install tested and approved fireproofing systems to existing heritage doors that won’t cause any damage whatsoever.

Other Types of Hotel Fire Doors

Hotels are multi-faceted spaces with many different uses. The diverse hotel environment may mean that different types of fire doors are required to suit the needs of different spaces. Some of the common types of alternative hotel fire doors include:

Sliding fire doors

Sliding fire doors are quite common in larger buildings where larger entry/exit points are needed in the event of a fire. They are instrumental in schools and other educational facilities, factories, large retail spaces but are also seen in residential building complexes and hotels.

Double action fire doors 

Double action fire doors are used in areas of high traffic where the path of egress could be in either direction as they swing 180-degrees. They are common in the back-of-house areas of hotels.

Glass fire doors 

Glass fire doors are trendy in modern hotels that favour glass aesthetics yet still must adhere to the regulations set out by the Building Code of AustraliaFire-rated glazing is a special glaze that is used to make doors and walls made of glass fireproof. It is versatile stuff and can be applied to doors and walls when they are manufactured, or in some cases,  can also be added to existing buildings that already contain glass doors, walls and windows.

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Maintaining Your Hotel Fire Doors

After installation, doors need to be maintained regularly to ensure they still comply with the Building Code of Australia – this includes a thorough check of all necessary elements of the fire door system: the door itself, hinges, handles, framing, locks and latches.

Any disruption with the state of the door or any of its components, no matter how small, may affect its performance, so periodic checks by certified authorities are crucial! Read more about maintaining your hotel fire doors here.

FSE Special Purpose Doors work with many hotels, residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia to design, manufacture and install fire and smoke doors.

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