Heritage Doors And Safety Guidelines

Heritage doors hold value that cannot be measured by money – but how do you maintain the look of your heritage doors while adhering to modern safety guidelines? Let’s have a look at the process.

Heritage doors can be beautiful and are steeped in historical and architectural importance. While it’s vital to preserve these types of doors as much as possible, it’s equally important that the correct safety guidelines are observed and maintained, which can prove to be quite the challenge. Luckily some methods mean the aesthetics of your heritage doors are kept whilst providing optimum safety.

So, how exactly do you keep your heritage doors but remain safe in the knowledge that they are adhering to safety guidelines?

The answer is fireproofing.

What is Fireproofing?

Fireproofing is an industry term that refers to the process of making certain materials and structures more resistant to fire. Fireproofing is used in several industries such as the construction, marine and mining trades. It’s a vital method that helps protect structures and the people who use them.

Fireproofing also relates to any material that can make something fireproof. There are various methods to fireproof a door. It’s important to note that even having fireproofed something, nothing is every 100% fireproof. Even so, having your doors fireproofed is your best defence against devastating fire damage.

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What are the current safety regulations?

In Australia and New Zealand, fireproofing systems are tested against (BCA) A51530.4, a standard called “Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials, Components and Structures.” As you can imagine, safety regulations are of utmost importance, so anything that gets fireproofed must meet the correct safety guidelines and standards. Fireproofing systems also have to comply with the relevant building codes fully.

Building codes look after issues relating to the safety, health, amenity and sustainability of a buildings’ design and performance. It’s important that when you are getting your heritage doors fireproofed, it’s done by practitioners who fully comply with these standards, as some designers and builders who do not have the expertise in fireproofing heritage doors can struggle to maintain period features and meet safety standards.

Why is it important to fireproof heritage doors?

Fireproofing is completely important. And the fireproofing of heritage doors are no exception. These are some reasons why you need to fireproof your heritage doors.

  • To provide optimum safety to your building and/or structure.
  • To allow you to continue to comply with safety standards.
  • To allow you to keep your unique door features without having to compromise on safety.
  • To give you the best defence against fire damage that can lead to the destruction of buildings, property and the lives of others.

FSE Special Purpose Doors are specialists in the upgrade, maintenance and fireproofing of heritage doors across Australia. For further information on heritage fire doors, contact our office in Sydney on [email protected] or 1300 4 DOORS.

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