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Foolproof Closet Organisation Ideas


Have you been looking at your closet lately and thinking how did it get so messy? Or are the occasions when you can’t find what you are looking for – that belt, those socks. increasingly prevalent? If the answer is yes, chances are your closet needs a good clean-up and reorganization. 

Sometimes the solution is as simple as the decision to buy a wardrobe to complement your current storage to accommodate all the new items you have purchased over the last several months or couple of years, which is making your current storageburst at the seams. Before you purchase new storage, clean up your current closet to get an idea of the amount and kind of space you might need. Consider if you need more railing space, more shoe racks or compartments for small items like sunglasses and jewellery.

Empty your cupboards: the first step in the process is to empty your cupboard. Without this step, you are not going to be able to give your cupboard a good clean or the reorganization it needs. When pulling your things out of the closet place what you want to get rid of in a separate pile and anything that needs repairing (broken buckle, missing button) separate. When piling your things, organise them into groups – t-shirts, jeans, dresses etc. this step will help you save time and effort when you are ready to put all of them back in.

Give it a good clean: now you can proceed to give your cupboard a thorough clean. It’s a good idea to schedule a periodic ‘spring cleaning’ day for your closet, every 6 months is a good start.

Assess your space:once cleaned, you have a clean slate to work with. Take some time to go over the available space and the various compartments in your closet. You may want to arrange your things differently from what it was originally, to make better use of the space available or accommodate any new purchases. Figure out what should go where before you start on your rearranging.

Organise your clothes and other items: this step might take a little time to finish but it is the most important step in the process. Go over your piles from the first step and see if there is anything you would like to discard or donate. Go through your things in batches by type for easier and quicker sorting. Skirts, jeans, jackets, sports shoes, high heels and so on. Next, start arranging them in the space you think fits the items best and again, go through this process in batches based on type.

Once you have completed your arranging, go over everything one more time to straighten and neaten to achieve a visually pleasing closet. Make it a point to take out items from the closet with care rather than pulling them out so that you don’t mess up the other items in the process, and when putting them back, take care to place them neatly in the same location to maintain neatness.

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