Engineered Solutions

Due to the extensive range of products, accessories and options available to FSE Special Purpose Doors, we are able to provide job specific engineered solutions.


For example, we can design and engineer door systems for:

  • Unique acoustic performance requirements
  • Unique operational requirements including door automation
  • High risk solution
  • Specific environmental requirements such as hygiene or biological secure door systems

FSE Special Purpose Doors’ approach is to take the “big picture” view of the site and its requirements and then develop a system that will meet the needs of the site. Where required, FSE Special Purpose Doors will engage the necessary third party specialists to ensure the design meets the required specifications.

Where required, FSE Special Purpose Doors can provide full design and specifications for the doorset including door frame (and its fixing requirements); door leaf; hardware and furniture (including essential seals); reports and approvals.

If you have any questions about special purpose doors, to learn more about our products, or to book a quote, phone 1300 4 DOORS, or contact us here.