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Different Types of Pool Fencing


Pool fencing is an essential addition to any swimming pool so that you can ensure its safety. It will prevent unauthorised access to the pool and you can make sure that children or pets don’t get into the pool area unsupervised. There are several types of pool fences so you should know which one is suited for your home.

Something that homeowners are concerned about

When it comes to a pool fence is that it obstructs the view of the pool. This can bring down the aesthetic appeal of the pool as you will not be able to view it from the house or outside properly. This can be arranged when you select frameless glass pool fencing. This is a modern option for pool fencing and you will be able to ensure the seamless appearance of the pool. There is an open feeling when you have this kind of fencing and it can suit so many contemporary pool designs.

There will be no gaps in this type of fencing which will prevent children from trying to slip through it. There is also semi-frameless glass pool fencing where you will be able to see the structural support which can be stainless steel or aluminium posts. The panels will be attached to the posts which will improve the sturdiness of the barrier. You can visit a store for pool fence supplies to get an idea of what you need to purchase. They can also recommend different materials for pool fencing which you can choose depending on your preferences and lifestyle.

For a durable pool fence

You can select aluminium tubular fencing and this will be secured to the ground. There are many styles, finishes and colours to this kind of a fence and it can match the outdoor aesthetic that you want to maintain. There is also aluminium blade fencing that also provides a durable option where you can maintain security and privacy of the pool. This fence comes with vertical aluminium blades that are placed at tight intervals so that a solid barrier around the pool area is created. You can customise the angle and spacing of the blades to achieve the level of privacy required for the pool. This kind of fence is resistant to weathering and it is a low-maintenance pool fence option. You can find this in powder-coated finishes which allows you to select different colours and finishes to match your outdoor theme.

Safety is an important consideration

When selecting a pool fence so you need to choose a fence that meets the safety regulations in your area. In addition to safety, you need to consider other factors such as maintenance requirements, durability and appearance. You can ask for a quotation from several suppliers to compare the costs. Make sure you have a budget in mind so that you can select the option that suits it. You should also research the supplier for pool fencing to get an idea of the quality of their products and installation. Check online for inspiration for your pool fence so that you can visualise what type of fence best suits your requirements.

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