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Different Types of Plumbing Valves


Plumbing valves are mechanical devices that are installed to control the flow of a fluid. This is done by opening or closing the valve. Some valves can be partially obstructed for this purpose. A plumbing valve is able to control the pressure of fluid in a system and the flow of fluid.

There are many types of valves that are used in plumbing for different applications. There are Ventomat high pressure valves to be used in high pressure applications. You need to consider the brand of the valve and whether it is of high quality. A gate valve can stop a fluid from flowing or starting it. They have two positions which are closed or open. The disc valve of the gate valve is removed from the flow when the valve is fully open removing any resistance to the flow. However, accurate control is not possible with the use of a gate valve. Based on the type of disk, there are three types of gate valves such as solid wedge gate valve that is commonly used, flexible wedge gate valves that are used in steam systems and split wedge gate valves that are used to withstand high temperatures of fluids. Gate valves are used in high pressure and temperature applications and they will ensure minimum pressure drop during operation. But it can be difficult to control the flow of a liquid by using a gate valve as it is slow to operate.

A glob valve can carry out three activities which are initiating flow, stopping and controlling the flow of a fluid. The valve disc can be removed from the path of the fluid completely or close the path completely. There are different types of globe valves as per the body. The simplest type is the Z body that can be used in situations where pressure drops are not a concern. The Y type globe valve is used in high pressure applications where drops in pressure are a concern. Angle type globe valves are used in fluctuating conditions. A globe valve closes better than a gate valve and it can be used for continuous operation. However, it is heavier than other valve types.

Butterfly valves can regulate the flow of a fluid. It can also stop and initiate flow. A check valve or a non-return valve is used to prevent backflow in a pipeline. The action that opens the valve is the pressure of the fluid passing through the pipeline. If the flow is reversed, the valve will close. A ball valve uses a ball shaped disc to halt the flow of fluid. This is quite similar to a plug valve. There are different types of ball valves such as floating, top entry, three way, side entry and three piece body valves. A needle valve is a little similar to a globe valve. They can enable you to control the flow of fluid in piping systems that have small diameters. There are also clamp or pinch valves that are used to handle slurries.

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