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Fire Resistant Rating: Fire Doors

The National Construction Code is stringent on fire door regulations. We take a look at how fire doors are tested to achieve a Fire Resistant Rating in Australia. In Australia, the National Construction Code stipulates that all fire doors must be tested to certain specifications (i.e. AS1530.4) to meet resistance approvals and certification. If relevant

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Installing Fire Doors: The Requirements

While choosing the right fire doors for your construction is critical, you should keep in mind that installing fire doors correctly is just as important. Why Is the Right Fire Door Installation So Important? The process of installing fire doors must comply with the current national standards and requirements set out by the Building Code of

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FSC Certification and why you need it

You have probably heard the acronym FSC thrown around a lot in the building and construction world. But what does FSC actually mean? And why do you need FSC certification?  All About FSC FSC stands for the ‘Forest Stewardship Council.’ Founded in 1993, the FSC is an international not-for-profit body (with an Australian branch) that

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Fire doors and building aesthetics

It is always important that your building complies with Australian fire safety regulations. For many building owners, it is also important to maintain the aesthetics of their building. When choosing quality fire doors, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in favour of safety. Read on to find out how FSE Special Purpose Doors delivers stunning,

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The importance of smoke door regulations

Smoke doors are an essential part of any fire-safe infrastructure, as they prevent smoke from travelling between separated areas, buildings and other areas where employees, occupants or the public may be at risk. Adhering to smoke door regulations is an important step in making sure that employees, occupants and the public are protected when there

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