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Special Purpose Doors For The Medical Industry: What To Consider

Here is an overview of the special purpose doors that are suitable for medical facilities, from dentist surgeries to hospitals to vets. Medical facilities are specialised spaces that require specially configured doors. From hospitals and aged care facilities to dental clinics and veterinaries, the safety requirements in healthcare are very strict and the legislation and building regulations

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An Overview of Bullet Resistant Doors

For buildings that require heavy-duty protection against forced entry and weaponry assaults, bullet resistant doors (also known as bulletproof doors) are an excellent choice.  There are some kinds of buildings that require extra security measures to be put in place to ensure protection against criminal attacks. When it comes to defending against weaponry assault, ballistic doors are

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5 of The Most Infamous Fires In History

Throughout history there have been disasters that have changed the way that we have approached fire protection. Here are five of the most infamous fires in history. Fires can be absolutely devastating in all environments. From urban landscapes to the bush, fires can do an astonishing amount of damage, and they are indeed one of

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