A guide to acoustic doors

FSE Special Purpose Doors is a wholly Australian owned company specialising in the manufacture and design of door systems solutions for commercial, industrial and special-purpose applications. One of our most important door system solutions is acoustic doors.

So what are acoustic doors, what are they used for and what does FSE Special Purpose Doors do to ensure their quality? Read on to find out more.

What are acoustics?

Acoustics refers to the way that sound behaves in an enclosed space. The properties or qualities of a room or building is an important factor which can determine how sound is transmitted. In particular, the acoustics of a room will have a huge impact on the success of a performance or rehearsal space, a recording venue or a home entertainment system. While you might have high-quality speakers, amplifiers, instruments or recording equipment, the acoustics of a room will either make or break the quality of the sound you create.

What are acoustic doors?

Any type of door works as a sound barrier in some respect. However, with standard doors, sound waves will still manage to make their way through unless further preventative measures are taken. These measures include sound insulation and sound absorption. The greater the mass of the insulation material per unit area of a door, the more soundproof it will be. A double-leaf partition – two sections separated by an air gap filled with a sound absorber – is an efficient and practical sound absorber.

Benefits of acoustic doors

Acoustic doors are great for many purposes. However, their most significant benefit is that they act as a sound barrier, to reduce noise levels entering and leaving an environment or workspace. However, because of their necessarily solid construction, acoustic doors will also provide some protection against the spread of fire and smoke, improving the fire safety of your building.

Who needs acoustic doors?

Acoustic doors and soundproof doors are used in a variety of organisations, including commercial, industrial and public companies. These include:

  • Music studios and recording studios
  • Music and concert venues
  • Night clubs and bars
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Manufacturing plants and factories, particularly those that involve loud machinery
  • Medical institutions, like audiology facilities and even x-ray facilities
  • Public institutions like schools and university buildings
  • General corporate and office buildings
  • Police stations (interview rooms)
  • Libraries
  • Commercial spaces like hotels and offices
  • Airports

Acoustic doors at FSE Special Doors

At FSE Special Purpose Doors in Sydney, we manufacture and install both general acoustic doors and soundproof doors, and acoustic fire doors for a range of building projects. FSE also specialises in designing and manufacturing soundproof doors based on our clients’ requirements. We work closely with acoustic specialists to ensure we can customise a solution which suits our customers’ unique needs and desires. All door types can be manufactured and installed with the required accessories and hardware, including frames, hinges, acoustic seals, handles and closing/locking mechanisms, as well as additional needs like peepholes or viewing windows. Furthermore, our acoustic doors can be made of a range of materials and can be installed and completed to suit the aesthetic design of your space. You can find out more about our acoustic doors here. 

FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures acoustic doors for numerous industries throughout Australia.

If you have any questions about acoustic doors or about any of our other quality door system solutions, you can find our products here. To book a quote, phone 1300 4 DOORS, or contact us.