3 Things to Think About When Choosing Doors For Your Business

Here is an overview of things you need to think about when choosing doors for your business, such as fire resistance, sound resistance and security. 

Some commercial spaces present environments that require certain attention to structural details, particularly when it comes to factors such as safety and security. Commercial buildings must be compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), and this of course includes the doors.

Doors are a very important component in the overall makeup of a commercial space and must be able to take whatever is thrown at them. Here are some things to think about when choosing commercial doors for your business.


There are a number of commercial spaces that require more stringent security measures than others. These include retail spaces like services station, ticketing agencies, supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores; as well as certain financial spaces banks, loan businesses, and cash rooms.

FSE Special Purpose Doors provide a range of commerical security doors that adhere to Australian building standards outlined by the BCA (AS/NZS2343:1997).

Our security range consists of a selection of ballistic doors, including bullet proof doors and blast resistant doors. They provide provide protection against things such as weaponry assaults, forced entry and other criminal attacks, and blasts and explosions.

Fire Resistance

Fire door” is a short term for a fire-rated door set. Fire doors consist of the door leaf, frame and associated hardware such as handles, locks, viewing panels and air grills. Fire rated doors are an essential part of every commercial building’s fire protection model.

Commercial fire doors save lives by stopping fire and smoke from spreading quickly and from entering places where staff or patrons may get trapped, like stairwells and corridors. They are also crucial for the preservation of a building and ensuring flames do not spread past the source to neighbouring structures.

Acoustic Properties

There are a number of commercial spaces that require greater attention to detail when it comes to sound attenuation and sound proofing, such as recording studiostheatres and auditoriums, and industrial facilities. This is achieved by implementing acoustically treated barriers and acoustic doors.

In Australia, commercial acoustic doors must meet certain ‘Rw’ sound resistant standards set out by the BCA and are tested and certified accordingly. Our acoustic doors can achieve an acoustic rating of up to Rw41.

Acoustic doors can be made from a range of materials, such as galvanised steel, laminated steel sheet metals, and feature certain finishes and/or decorative veneers to suit any aesthetic requirements a commercial space may require.

FSE Special Purpose Doors work with many commercial clients throughout Australia to design, manufacture and install a range of special purpose doors.

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