Why opt for automatic doors?

When customers are choosing special purpose doors for their building, they are often surprised by the plethora of options they have, including the ability to make their doors automatic.

So, is it worth choosing automatic doors? Here are some of the reasons why.


Of course, practicality is the most obvious reason that you might select automatic doors. They are particularly helpful for building patrons who can quickly enter or exit a building or room with ease and without using their hands.


One great reason why automatic doors are the best choice is for their hygienic benefits. In a busy building where many people enter and exit, door-knobs and handles can get germy quick. With automatic doors, there is no need to touch, keeping the door squeaky clean and germ-free.

Energy and cost saving

Automatic doors open and shut by themselves. This is great when you are running air conditioning or other appliances which suck up a lot of energy. If someone forgets to shut the door, it will close by itself, allowing for appliances to run efficiently and effectively without wasting energy.

Extra Security

Not only can doors be made as automatic, but they also have the option for security locks and codes. This creates a safe way to enter or exit a building or room for the people that are supposed to be using them.

Emergency use

Automatic doors have proven to be crucial for helping people to exit a building as quickly and safely as possible. Various functions can assist large numbers of people in evacuating quickly, while automatic shutting functions prevent fire and smoke from entering into different parts of buildings.


The best thing about automatic doors is that there are so many different types to choose from, including automatic sliding doors, folding doors and swinging doors. All of which can be created to suit the unique needs of any building. At FSE Special Purpose Doors we proudly manufacture Automatic Doors for numerous industries throughout all of Australia.

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