What is an E-Core Door & Why Choose It For Your Build? 

E-core doors are a revelation in door technology. But what is an e-core door and why should you choose it for your build?

In past times, fire doors were heavy, difficult to construct and often made from unsafe materials, such as fibre-cement and asbestos.

Thankfully, in the 1980’s E-Core® doors were developed in response to these problems, with the hope of giving a better level of protection and more versatility for the architecture and construction industries.

Over the last 20 years, E-Core doors have made significant improvements to passive fire protection systems and are now a popular fire door choice.

What Are E-Core Doors?

While E-Core doors have a wide variety of attributes, they have become best known as high quality fire doors. They consist of a single-piece internal core that has been constructed of vermiculite, which is a naturally occurring ore known for its insulating properties. E-Core doors do not contain any harmful or inorganic materials.

Every E-Core door is reinforced with steel plates and can be used in conjunction with a diverse range of door edges and facing materials. Each doorset is also constructed and tested to comply with the Building Code of Australia, AS1530.4 SRO 1905.1.

e-core doors

What Benefits Can E-Core Doors Offer?

  • Solid and stable – E-Core’s one-piece core construction eliminates risks associated with delamination or loose fill shifting, enabling the door to be more solid, stable and reliable
  • Proven Performance – Having been used for over 30 years, E-Core doors have one of the longest track records of proven performance in the industry; more than 1 million E-Core doors have been sold and installed across Australia
  • Ensured durability – E-Core doors have been subjected to exhaustive cyclical testing and remain unaffected after 100,000 cycles. This makes E-Core doors ideal for heavy traffic areas and builds that require long term durability
  • Eco-friendly – By using a vermiculite core (in place of asbestos, ceramic or mineral fibres), E-Core doors are a healthier option for both the occupants of your building and the environment. Vermiculite is not only naturally resistant to mould and bacteria, but it also has no known health or safety issues
  • Simple and inexpensive – By simplifying the construction process E-Core doors cost less to produce and are therefore less expensive to buy – they’re a great way to help you maintain your bottom line and stay on budget, while still adding quality to your build
  • Noise reducing – A key benefit of E-Core doors is their ability to control noise, with each door design having undergone extensive acoustic testing; as a result E-Core doors have become a common choice for acoustic doors for buildings that require quality sound control, such as theatres and hotels
  • Lightweight – Thanks to their vermiculite core, E-Core doors are much lighter than those made from timbers, concrete panels or mineral fibres

Your E-Core Door Options

E-Core doors are extremely versatile when it comes to finding and designing the right door for your build.

  • E-Core doorsets can be suited to residential, commercial and even industrial projects
  • They can be used to construct hinged doors, sliding doors, double action doors and more
  • They can provide a range of performance functions, including fire/smoke protection, acoustic insulation and radiation protection
  • They can be fitted with a range of hardware systems and accessories, including viewing panels, air grilles, kick plates and locks
  • E-Core doors will blend seamlessly into almost any design as they can be manufactured into flush panel doors; approved finishes include heritage style doors, timber veneers, MDF, moulded panel designs, Masonite, metal and plastic

FSE Special Purpose Doors is a certified and experienced manufacturer of E-Core Doors. We can work with you to design and create the right E-Core doors for your build. We can also ensure you obtain the right door approvals.

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