What Are the Benefits of Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors make entering and exiting a building a breeze and are generally a preference for customers and employees. Buildings that experience high foot traffic have a lot to benefit from automatic doors, especially given the fact that there are many different types to suit the needs of all industries.

Automatic doors offer many conveniences to residents, staff and patrons within a building. Let’s take a look at the many great reasons to install automatic doors in your building.


Practicality is one of the main factors that goes into the consideration of Automatic Doors. The fact that patrons of a building do not have to push a door with their hands means that they can still hold things in their hands while entering and exiting.

Energy Savings

Leaving a door open while the air conditioning is on can end up costing a lot more money due to energy wastage. Automatic doors can go a long way to solve this problem, as the door closes by itself, people don’t have to be reminded to close the door behind them.

Added Security

Modern automatic doors have the option of security lock codes, so only those with access will be able to open them. Having an automatic door removes the worry of forgetting to lock or shut a door behind you, giving you the peace of mind that your door will always be secure.

Better Hygiene

In industries that require hygiene as a major priority, such as hospitality and healthcare, automatic doors are a must. As hands are not required to open and close automatic doors, they have minimal contact with germs and therefore stop the spread of unwanted contaminants. Automatic doors fitted with an airtight seal can also serve as a constant barrier from odours, steam and smoke, which may be a byproduct of manufacturing industries.

Emergency Situations

In the advent of an emergency situation, automatic doors are crucial for helping people to exit a building efficiently. Set open functions assist large numbers of people to evacuate, while automatic shutting functions on fire doors stop fire and smoke from entering into other parts of buildings in a process known as compartmentalisation.

There Are Many Types of Automatic Doors

There are many types of automatic door, which can suit the needs of all industries. The most common types include:

Automatic sliding doors, which are commonly used in larger spaces where a building does not have a particularly well-defined entryway. These doors can come in single and double sliding options and come in a variety of custom options, such as sliding fire doors, sliding acoustic doors and sliding sanitary doors.

Automatic folding doors, which come as either single or bi-folding, and retract as they close. They are useful where space needs to be optimised in a building and are commonly used in industries such as warehouses, catering venues and performance venues.

Swinging automatic doors, which open much like any other door, however, they are automatic. They also come in the option of double hinged and can be fitted out for fire safe, acoustic and sanitary purposes.

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