What are room acoustics?

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we offer a huge range of doors which are used in various industries across Australia. And while we are most well-known for our high-quality fire doors, acoustic doors are another great product we provide.

While we all know that some rooms need good acoustics, what does that actually mean? And how do our acoustic doors help create the perfect sound? Read on to find out more.

What are acoustics?

Within the world of acoustics, there are many topics including ultrasounds, infrasounds and of course, just plain old sound, which is most important when it comes to the acoustics of a room. Room acoustics refers to the way that sounds behave within an enclosed space. Certain spaces will require better acoustics than others. In particular, the music and sound production industry require high-quality acoustics in their spaces. Places who may need to consider room acoustics include schools, recording studios, sports centres, performance venues and certain workplaces. Furthermore, some facilities may require good acoustics to protect the health and hearing ability of occupants and patrons.

What makes good room acoustics?

There are many factors which come into play when creating high-quality room acoustics. Simple measures such as the flooring used can contribute to the overall sound absorption of a room and improve acoustics. Where sound quality is particularly important, such as in recording studios, different materials can be used within the walls and ceiling, such as acoustic foam. Of course, specially designed ceilings, floors and walls become obsolete if the room’s door does not share the same sound-absorbing qualities.

Acoustic doors FSE

Our acoustic doors are specially designed to absorb as much sound as possible, helping you to create a space with perfect acoustics. A large mass insulation material is used inside the door to make it more soundproof and a double-leaf partition is also included as an efficient and practical sound absorber. We can manufacture these doors with up to a 4 hour rating and can custom create them in line with our client’s unique requirements. This means that various materials can be used achieving a whole range of wonderful aesthetics. Options may include:

 Single or double swinging doors

 Single or double sliding doors

• Fire or smoke doors

• Heavy or lightweight doors

• Electronic, automatic or magnamatic doors

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