Trains & Marine Vessel Specialty Doors

Whatever you are transporting, whether it’s passengers or cargo, safety is paramount. Let’s take a look a the specialty doors for trains & marine vessels.

Installing the right doors within your chosen transport systems is vital for protecting not only your staff and passengers but also your freight and goods, as well as the actual vessel itself.

 A Look at Specialty Door Options

The type of door you need for your train carriage or marine vessel will ultimately depend on 3 things:

  • What is the purpose of your door?: Is your door intended to be a fire door or smoke door? If so, what fire rating does it need? Is it also meant to be a security door or a door that provides safety and protection? Does it need to be weatherproof or pressure-proof?
  • What type of freight your door needs to protect and/or provide protection from to keep people safe: You’ll need to consider what type of cargo or product you are moving, what types of risks this product involves in ordinary freight situations and if this product poses a higher risk in emergency circumstances (e.g. a fire, accident). For example, if you are transporting gas, your marine vessel might require a gas-tight door to contain gas leaks.
  • How the door needs to operate or open: You can choose from a variety of doors for your transport system, such as powered sliding doors, 90 or 180-degree opening doors, hatch doors and so on. It would help if you considered how the door needs to operate normally and how it needs to function in emergencies based on your legal and safety requirements.

specialty doors

Once you have some clear answers about the type of specialty door you require, you will be able to determine your various other door needs, such as:

  • The type of door material required, as well as the door frame and hardware material
  • The size and thickness the door needs to be to provide the appropriate level of protection
  • How strong and durable the door needs to be and what kinds of conditions it needs to be able to endure
  • Whether you want your door to be fire-rated or whether it can be non-fire-rated
  • Whether you require any fire-rated glazing for your doors (e.g. for door windows or insets)

Specialty Door Options

Further Tips for Specialty Doors & Transport Systems

In most cases, specialty doors for marine vessels and train carriages will always need to be custom designed and manufactured, since their purpose and sizing will differ greatly.

FSE Special Purpose Doors has unique expertise in creating fire doors and other specialty door options for transport systems. We can work with you to engineer, manufacture and install your desired doors in either your marine or rail settings.

  • If you are upgrading or replacing your current marine vessel doors, pre-hung door leafs with matching metal door frames and all hardware and components pre-fitted will be your best option, especially if getting into the vessel or port may be difficult.
  • If you are installing specialty doors as part of a rail project, consider incorporating acoustic and airtight sealing properties into your frames and doors’ requirements.
  • Glass doors, windows and insets can be ideal or even necessary in many specialty doors; if this is the case, ensure your door is fitted with glass panels that can withstand the required level of pressure.
  • Like any specialty door, you can still determine what material you want to use in the finish of your doors; for example, you can choose from finishes such as aluminium, stainless steel, zincalume® steel, plastic laminate and veneer.
  • Working to tight construction deadlines or need your doors installed quickly? Ask FSE Special Purpose Doors if we can assemble and pre-fit all your doors, panels and hardware to save time; we can then deliver the doors to your site, where they will be ready for instant installation.

Failure to protect your people and your freight can also result in a damaged reputation and a significant business loss. Don’t let this happen to your company – make sure you get the right specialty door options for your transport system.

FSE Special Purpose Doors has worked with multiple marine and rail transport clients across Australia to complete and certify their specialty door projects.

Contact us to learn more about the doors we can manufacture and install for your train or vessel on  [email protected] or 1300 4 DOORS.

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