Tips For Keeping Special Doors Looking Their Best

Special Purpose Doors can serve many purposes, from smoke proofing to sound insulation and for many businesses, they are a crucial part of keeping a building safe. Over time, doors may lose the sheen they once had, and like most things, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking and functioning to their best.

It’s important to make sure that Special Purpose Doors continue to function at the best of their ability, and for many businesses maintaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal is important to uphold a positive impression from customers and patrons.

There are many things you can do to make sure that Special Purpose Doors remain in great shape. Here are some tips to keep them looking their best.


Cleaning is the first obvious step to keep Special Purpose Doors looking their best and although it may sound obvious, it’s important to modify cleaning based on the surface of the door. Steel doors can be cleaned with many products, including window cleaner, detergent, WD40 and white vinegar, although sanitary doors may require industrial sanitiser.

Timber veneer doors require a different treatment, and it is recommended that a gentle detergent is used. Additionally, try mixing 15ml of olive oil with 4L of hot water to enhance the natural grain of the wood.


The positioning of doors might seem like an obvious one, but it doesn’t just come down to proper fitting. A good installer of Special Purpose Doors will make sure that hinges line up correctly and that the door functions as designed, however, it is up to the owner of the door to make sure that there is always adequate clearance when the door is opened or closed.

If the door rubs along anything, it may wear out over time, similarly, if it is prone to hitting something when pushed vigorously, it has the potential to break. Ideally, businesses should provide adequate space before the door is installed.

After installation, however, it is essential to keep objects clear of the door to prevent scuffs and dents that may occur when the door is pushed open. Additionally, many safety doors require that the doorway be kept clear so that there is no risk of blockages in the advent of an emergency


After their installation, it’s important that Special Purpose Doors are continually checked to make sure that they stay in their best functional state. It’s important to look for dents, scrapes and rust, as well as functional problems. Catching these issues early allows them to be repaired easily before they become a more expensive issue.

Any damage to Special Purpose Doors, their hardware or frames can mean that they lose their functionality and protective purpose, so if you see that the door is not operating correctly, you will need to repair or replace the door straight away.


Certain Special Purpose Doors may require regular checks by an accredited official to make sure that they continue to meet the Building Code of Australia, for example, fire doors and smoke doors require a bi-annual check of all components, including the door itself, hinges, handles, framing, locks and latches.

Any disruption or damage with the state of Special Purpose Door’s components, no matter how small, can affect its performance, so periodic checks by certified authorities are crucial.


Signage is an important component visual component of Special Purpose Doors, and there are different requirements for different doors. It’s important that the right sign accompanies the right door at all times, based on the requirements set by the Building Code of Australia.

If signage is missing, damaged, defaced or simply peeling off the door you need to ensure these signs are replaced as soon as possible.

Do your Special Purpose Doors need extra attention?

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