Timber versus metal door frames

A door’s frame is its core source of stability, and therefore it must remain strong and sturdy. It is important to know the facts about steel vs timber frames before building a big lifetime investment.

It is essential to understand the implications that your framing choice will have on future costs and maintenance of your building. Consider the following points before you make your decision about what type of door frames you install.


One of the first things you should consider is how you want the doors in your building to look. Metal and timber door frames both have very different looks and various options that can be selected based on their appearance. Both our quality metal and timber door frames come in a variety of superior styles and shades. The different aesthetic looks of our door frames can completely transform the look of your building, so be sure to assess all of your options.


Metal door frames are generally more robust than timber frames, and are extremely practical. Metal has many benefits when it comes to returning on investment and the cost of upkeep. However, on the downside, metal frames can begin to make noises or creak over time.

If your door’s structure is solid and composed of the correct timber material, it will be long-lasting as well as durable. However, timber can have the drawback of being at risk of termites and can be more prone to structural defects than metal. Furthermore, there is a higher associated cost in upkeeping timber frames, while with a metal frame, there is little to no upkeep.

Environmental impact 

For some people, the environmental impact of their building materials is a major concern. It is important to assess the materials used in your new structure for their environmental impact. By using steel frames, the need for timber from forests will be reduced, and the demolition of natural vegetation to make way for plantations is prevented. Furthermore, the ways by which steel is fabricated is becoming more environmentally friendly. Conversely, due to the natural imperfections present in timber, there is a large amount of wastage caused by cutting timber pieces to required lengths, and during the removal of flaws.

Fire Protection

Metal door frames are naturally more resistant to fire than timber. At FSE Special Doors, we work hard to ensure doors and their frames are resistant to fire and even specialise in both timber and metal fire doors. All of our quality door frames have been expertly designed and created with functionality, strength, and durability in mind. 

We supply a wide range of doors to meet the needs of any building. Our doors can be built using a variety of materials and configured and fitted to meet your unique aesthetic and functional requirements. FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures a variety of special door types for numerous industries throughout Australia.

If you have any questions about Fire safety, or about Special Purpose Fire Doors in general, you can find our products here. To book a quote, phone 1300 4 DOORS, or contact us.