The Importance of Fire Safety Doors in Office Buildings

Fire safety doors are a crucial part of any building’s fire safety infrastructure as they keep occupants safe by stopping the spread of smoke and flames. They are important in many industries, but in this instance let’s focus on their use in office buildings.

Challenges of Office Buildings

Office buildings present a unique set of challenges when it comes to fire safety. As they are generally taller and more populated than other types of buildings, extra planning needs to be made to ensure that fire doors are in the right place so that they can be most effective to prevent the spread of flames.

Offices are commercial buildings that are highly populated and stand within spaces that are just as busy. In the advent of a fire, flames can spread into other buildings causing widespread damage.

In high-density buildings, fire doors are crucial to prevent flames from travelling into stairwells, corridors and other means of passage, where they can prevent the escape of residents.

Offices can house materials that can be flammable or hazardous, such as paper and electronics. Areas containing these materials must also be taken into account.

Flames have a tendency to travel upwards and tall buildings such as offices are particularly at risk if a fire breaks out.

Fire Door Regulation for Office Buildings

Australia has strict guidelines surrounding fire safety within office spaces, and fire safe doors are an important part of adhering to these rules. Office fire doors are important as they uphold a fire protection model, ensuring the safety of residents.

Fire safety doors, also known as a fire-rated door set, must consist of a door leaf, frame and associated hardware that all comply with regulation. These elements must be thoroughly tested in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (i.e. AS1530.4) to make sure that they achieve the appropriate fire rating. Fire safety doors in office buildings are part of a number of fire protection and systems that prevent fire and smoke from spreading. They also isolate fires so that they fit into manageable areas and allow for timely evacuations.

Types of Fire Saftey Doors for Office Buildings

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we manufacture all of our fire doors to the highest of standards. We manufacture many types of fire doors to suit commercial and office needs. These include:

Sliding fire doors – These doors are well suited to larger spaces where wider entry and exit points are needed in the advent of a fire.
Hinged fire doors – Hinged doors are engineered for heavy-duty situations and offer higher levels of strength and security.
Swinging fire doors – Swinging double action fire doors are important in spaces where corridors experience heavy foot traffic which is especially the case in offices. These doors swing at 180-degrees, allowing traffic to flow freely easily.
Glass fire doors – Glass fire doors are a popular choice in modern buildings. These doors are manufactured with a fire rated glazing and therfore adhere to the BCA’s fire resistance requirements.

FSE Special Purpose Doors work with many clients to design, manufacture and install fire safety doors for office buildings.

We supply a wide range of fire doors to meet the needs of any building. These can be built using a variety of materials and configured and fitted to meet most aesthetic and functional requirements.

FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures Automatic Doors for numerous industries throughout Australia.

If you have any questions about Fire Safety Doors in Office Buildings, or about Special Purpose Fire Doors in general, you can find our products here. To book a quote, phone 1300 4 DOORS, or contact us.