The Importance of Fire Doors

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s safety design. They are vital in ensuring occupants remain safe in the advent of a fire emergency and are extremely important in numerous industries. Fire doors work by stopping the spread of fire and smoke into isolated areas, where people could become trapped.

Here at FSE Special Purpose Doors we create door systems for commercial, industrial and other special purpose applications. So why are fire doors so important? Read on to find out the importance of fire doors in some common industries.


Compartmentalisation is a well-established fire management method, which helps to contain the spread of fire within a building and also assists occupants escaping safely. With this method, fire rated walls combined with fire rated doors divide areas into sections, to prevent the spread of flames to other sections. Fire rated doors also prevent the spread of flame to escape routes such as stairwells and fire exits, so that occupants are able to escape the building safely.

Some places where compartmentalisation is commonplace are shopping centres, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and schools. Let’s have a look at some industries where fire doors are considered important.

Which Industries Need Fire Doors?

Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, dental clinics and aged care facilities pose a high-risk environment when it comes to fire safety. The designs of such buildings must take into account that patients are even more at risk when it comes to emergencies, and legislation and building regulations for healthcare spaces reflect this.

Residential complexes can require a complex set of challenges when it comes to fire management. Fire doors are crucial in higher density buildings so that flames do not travel into stairwells and corridors, where they could prevent the escape of residents.

Hotels are home to an array of activities and require large numbers of staff to serve an even larger amount of patrons. High trafficked areas can sometimes mean a heightened risk, so it is essential that fire doors are installed to provide safety in the case of an emergency.

Education Facilities, such as schools, universities and colleges regularly house large numbers of people. Fire doors are crucial for keeping escape routes free of fire to protect students and staff in the advent of fire.

Industrial spaces are busy areas with high traffic, however, they can also be home to potentially hazardous activities, as well as materials. This means that industrial spaces need particular attention when it comes to fire protection. Factory fire doors are specially engineered for the needs of heavy-duty industrial applications.

Commercial buildings, such as offices are also highly populated spaces, however, they also are often located in densely populated areas. Fire doors are important in these areas to stop flames from spreading to escape routes within buildings, but also between buildings, which could cause widespread damage.

Mining facilities present specific conditions when it comes to fire safety. Like industrial spaces, there are many hazardous materials and machines used in the mining industry, so a strict fire model is required.

To check for the specifications of fire doors standards within specific industries, visit the BCA website.

Special Purpose Fire Doors

Fire doors are obviously important in many industries, however, some buildings require something other than a standard fire door. Special purpose fire doors are build to accommodate unique complexities of different buildings that may exist in certain industries. Here are a few examples:

Hinged fire doors for commercial purposes are designed for heavy-duty use in industrial and commercial applications.
Hinged fire doors for residential purposes are used in apartments and hotels and must be fire rated to one hour.
Double action fire doors are suitable in places where bi-directional traffic is common.
Sliding fire doors are common in many industries as they are an extremely efficient method of compartmentalisation.
Heritage fire doors, there are many buildings in Australia where heritage listing means that doors must be preserved. Heritage doors can be upgraded to fire doors so that they keep their old aesthetic, but improve on their fire safety capabilities.

FSE Special Purpose Doors are experts in all aspects of door manufacture and installation and have particular expertise in fire doors, custom fire doors, solid core doors, heritage door upgrades, acoustic doors, and radiation shielded doors. We supply and deliver fire doors to Sydney and throughout Australia.

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