The Importance of a Proper Door Seal

Door seals are one of the most crucial parts of any special door, especially those that block smoke and fire or those that are built for soundproofing. There are many important elements of purpose-built doors that make them suitable for different environments, such as thickness, size, configuration and functionality, but without a proper seal, these doors would be defunct.

Here at FSE doors, we are experts in providing the right solution for the right purpose and when it comes to door seals we have a range of options to suit the job. Let’s have a look at what makes a door seal so important.

What Makes a Proper Door Seal?

Door seals do more than you might think. They not only can prevent the spread of flames through the door frame but can also help quell the spread of smoke and sound. Doors must have a gap around the leaf in order for them to open and close, but in protecting from fire, smoke and sound, this can be a point of weakness. Door seals do as their name suggests, sealing the door, closing the gap and eliminating the weak point.

Proper Fire Door Seals

Having a protective seal is a crucial part of any fire door. They reduce the spread of fire by restricting flames from moving through gaps around the door leaf. When exposed to high heats these seals expand to maximise fire-resistance and to provide a stable barrier against flames.

This is important as it can prevent flames and smoke from quickly spreading and entering areas where people could become trapped, such as fire exits, hallways and corridors. In terms of fire safety, this is called ‘compartmentalising’ and is a very important aspect of a fire safety plan. By selecting a proper door seal you are ensuring the safety of the occupants of a building.

Proper Smoke Door Seals

In the event of a fire, heat and flames are not the only concern. Smoke is toxic and can be lethal when inhaled, in fact, a large number of deaths associated with fires are a result of smoke inhalation. If unrestrained, smoke is produced in large amounts during a fire and can spread to places the flames can’t even reach.

Not only is smoke toxic, but it can slow the evacuation of occupants as it can be highly disorientating. Smoke doors are therefore a crucial part of a building’s fire safety plan.

Proper Acoustic Door Seals

Acoustic Doors provide sound insulation from noise pollution not only to occupants or employees but also to the general public. Soundproof doors minimise the amount of sound that can pass through a door. Gaps around a door can give sound waves a space to creep through, so blocking this space with a proper acoustic door seal is the best way to stop sound from entering or leaving a room.

FSE Special Purpose Doors are experts in all aspects of door manufacture and installation and have particular expertise in fire doors, custom fire doors, solid core doors, heritage door upgrades, acoustic doors, and radiation shielded doors. We supply and deliver fire doors to Sydney and throughout Australia.

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