The benefits of E-Core® Fire Doors

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we are passionate about quality and an E-Core® Fire Door is an excellent option for many of our valued customers. 

Read on to find out more about E-Core® Fire Doors, the various options available and why they are a great choice for you.

What are E-Core® fire doors?

The E-Core® product was developed in response to a number of issues surrounding older and more problematic fire doors, including heaviness and dangerous materials. E-Core® is a versatile vermiculite based homogenous core that works to significantly reduce the manufacturing complexity and cost. These doors are tested rigorously to Australian standards and are guaranteed to provide the best possible level of fire protection.

Benefits of E-Core® fire doors

There are a huge number of reasons why we recommend E-Core® fire doors. Significant benefits of these products include: 

Quality: E-Core® fire doors have been subjected to a huge number of cyclic tests and have been unaffected after 100,000 cycles. E-Core® fire doors have been flawlessly designed for heavy traffic applications and have proven to stand the test of time. 

Great Acoustics: E-Core® fire doors have fantastic acoustic qualities and as such can be used in almost every building type including cinemas, theatres and performance venues. 

Aesthetic versatility: E-Core fire doors can be applied to variety of finishes, such as timber veneers, plywood, MDF, panels, steel and even stainless steel. This means that a door can be created to suit the aesthetics of your building flawlessly.

Product types 

• Commercial Fire Doors

• Residential Fire Doors

• Sliding Fire Doors

• Access Panels

Optional Features 

• Commercial Fire Doors

• Rebated Doors

• Double Action Doors

• Acoustic Doors

• Smoke Doors

• Lead Lined Doors

• Vision Panels

• Air Transfer Grilles

• Kick Plates

• Electric Locks

• Metal & Timber Door Frames

• Door Seal Preparation

For more information, check out the E-Core® fire doors website.

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we help dozens of clients create E-Core custom fire doors for their construction projects utilising a range of materials. We can produce E-Core doors, as well as many other fire doors that utilise a range of materials.To learn more about choosing the right fire door material, contact FSE Special Purpose Doors on [email protected] or +61 2 9905 8222.