Special Purpose Doors

FSE Special Purpose Doors is an industry recognised specialist in the supply and installation of Special Purpose Doors and Fire Doors

FSE Special Purpose Doors is based in Sydney and service clients throughout Australia. Due to the vagaries and complexities of various buildings and their uses, the function and purpose of the doors installed can vary significantly.

Special Purpose Doors is a category of doors where the door system is specifically designed, engineered and tailored to the building requirements. It should be noted that this is not limited to buildings. FSE Special Purpose Doors has manufactured doors for ships, ferries and trains, as well as facilities as diverse as infection control, smoke control, security, confinement and acoustic.

This category includes the use of specialist finishes, coatings, sealing systems, glazing (such as fire rated glazing systems), performance characteristics (i.e. hydrocarbon resistance, applied pressure resistance, design life). It is critical to understand the designer’s requirements for the facility and the associated use of the doors early in the design phase. By working collaboratively, the door systems can be fine-tuned to meet the building requirements.

special purpose doors

FSE Special Purpose Doors will coordinate between frame, hardware suppliers and the builder and certifier to ensure the final product meets and exceeds the design requirements.

Recent examples are:

  • Motorised fire acoustic pairs of fire doors in 4m width
  • Gravity operated hydrocarbon sliding door systems
  • Lightweight, counterbalanced pivot door systems
  • Stainless Steel clad, wet weather sealed (preinstalled to stainless steel frames) high speed train door systems

Our key product areas include:

• Fire doors

• Hinged fire doors

• Double action fire doors

• Sliding fire doors

• Acoustic doors

• Solid core doors

• Radiation shielded doors

• Heritage door upgrades

• General door maintenance

For any enquiries or assistance with Special Purpose Door systems, please contact FSE Special Purpose Doors at [email protected] or call 1300 663 451.