Special Purpose Doors For Schools: 7 Types You Should Consider

Schools are environments with a multitude of purposes. As such, they may require a variety of different doors to suit their needs. Here are seven types of special purpose doors for schools.

Schools, colleges and universities hold a great number of people. Depending on the type of establishment, they may require specific doors to suit educational, performance and safety standards. For this reason, it is important to consider the types of special purpose doors that may best serve the school environment.

Fire Doors

Fire door” is the term for a fire-rated door set. Fire doors are an essential component of schools. These doors keep students and staff safe. They also allow buildings to meet Australian building standards outlined by the Building Code of Australia. At FSE, all our doors have been thoroughly tested to meet BCA standards (i.e. AS1530.4) and achieve their fire rating.

FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures fire doors in a diverse range of finishes. This includes MDF, pre-primed hardboard, plywood and metal facings, pressed 4 or 6 panel, plastic laminates, steel and stainless steel.

Fire doors are manufactured in the hinged, double action and the sliding variety.

Hinged Fire Doors

Hinged fire doors are designed for heavy-duty use and so are well suited to schools. Hinged fire doors are available in configurations of a double or single. These doors can be up to 3500mm in height and 3000mm in width. Hinged fire doors are available in several varieties. This includes timber faced doors, hygiene doors, smoke doors, steel-faced doors and lead-lined doors.

Double Action Fire Doors

Double action fire doors are well suited to environments affected by large quantities of foot traffic. This makes them great special purpose doors for schools.

Our double action fire doors have a thickness of 45mm. They are available in single or double configurations, up to 2700mm in height and 2400mm in width. These types of doors have a maximum 2-hour fire rating, and come fitted with essential intumescent seals.

Sliding Fire Doors

Sliding fire doors are also suitable for environments with high levels of foot traffic. They are available in single leaf, bi-parting, multiple leaf, and combination multiple leaf bi-parting. These doors have a 4-hour fire rating, and can be lead-lined for acoustic purposes.

Sliding fire doors provide an extremely safe solution for education facilities. They utilise a long-standing fire management strategy known as compartmentalisation. This strategy counters the spreading of fire through fire rated wall systems, dividing areas into manageable sizes. As this strategy is often applied in public spaces it is well suited to schools.

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Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors provide sound insulation, making them very useful for education facilities. School and universities often contain large areas where acoustic doors are essential. These include theatres, auditoriums and libraries.

By providing quality sound insulation, acoustic doors protect employees, students and members of the public from noise pollution. These doors meet a certain ‘Rw’ sound resistant standards set out by the BCA, with our doors achieving a rating of up to Rw41.

Acoustic doors can also double as fire rated doors and can be designed as:

• Single or double swinging doors
• Single or double sliding doors
• Fire or smoke doors
• Heavy or lightweight doors
• Electronic, automatic or Magnamatic doors

Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors are suitable for a wide range of settings in educational environments. They are a multi-use product made of composite wood and can be painted or faced with a veneer to suit any design aesthetic.

Solid core doors are unmatched in terms of practicality, durability and versatility. Solid core doors also provide great acoustic, insulation and safety properties. This makes them a fantastic choice of special purpose doors for schools. Far superior to hollow core doors, these doors will help prevent forced entry, last for years and regulate inside temperatures.

At FSE Special Purpose Doors we manufacture two types of solid core timber doors. These include the traditional pine blockboard core and the moisture resistant particleboard core. They are available in an array of finishes including MDF, pre-primed hardboard, plywood (paint grade and speciality veneers) and metal facings. These doors can be fitted with vision panels, air grilles and various other accessories tailored to your needs.

Heritage Listed Doors

Some schools also exist in heritage listed buildings. These types of facilities will need special doors to retain their cultural and historical significance. Heritage buildings are maintained by heritage preservation orders. Heritage listed doors can still be upgraded to meet modern fire and safety regulations without jeopardising a heritage listing.

FSE Special Purpose Doors are able to install fireproofing systems to existing heritage doors in line with national safety standards. Upgrading heritage listed doors in schools involves several different processes. This may include upgrading or purchasing new hardware in keeping with the original character of the door. It may also involve dismantling a door to conceal new adjustments.

Another method may involve replacing the door completely. Regardless of the practice, these doors can be updated to the highest safety standard and still preserve their heritage listing.

If you’re looking to find doors suitable for schools, contact FSE Special Purpose Doors on 1300 4 DOORS.