Special Purpose Doors for Industrial Facilities: 4 Types You Should Consider

Industrial buildings are versatile spaces. Here are four types of special purpose doors for industrial facilities you may want to consider.

Industrial spaces contain a wide variety of materials and activities. They present an environment with specific needs and require special attention. Industrial settings which may need special purpose doors include warehouses, factories, processing plants, power plants or waste management facilities. Here are four types of special purpose doors for industrial facilities.

Industrial spaces and their doors must be compliant with the strict rules outlined by Building Code of Australia (BCA). The right special purpose door is vital to maintaining safety and efficiency in an industrial environment. The type of doors you may want to consider include fire doors, radiation shielded doors, security doors and hygienic doors.

Fire Doors for Industrial Facilities

When it comes to fire safety, industrial facilities have unique needs. A superior level of fire protection is needed in these settings. This is because industrial facilities traditionally house hazardous material.

Fire door” is a short term for a fire-rated door set. Fire doors consist of the door leaf, frame and associated hardware such as handles, locks, viewing panels and air grills. All of these elements are tested to meet the Building Code of Australia (i.e. AS1530.4) strict standards. You can read more about this process here.

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, all of our fire doors meet the highest level of safety. We manufacture various fire doors to suit all industrial spaces.

Sliding fire doors – Sliding fire doors are well suited to larger spaces where spacious entry and exit points are needed in case of fire.
Hinged fire doors – Designed and engineered for heavy-duty use and offer higher performance levels of security and longevity.
Swinging fire doors – Swinging double action fire doors are useful in spaces with heavy foot traffic. They swing at 180-degrees, which allows traffic to flow in different directions with ease.

Radiation Shielded Doors for Industrial Facilities

Radiation shielded doors will be required in some industrial facilities. These include certain research laboratories, communications centres, nuclear power plants and more. Some facilities may require shielding on doors to prevent exposure to unsafe radiation.

Unsafe radiation exposure can lead to very serious health consequences such as nausea, skin irritation or even cancer. If unsure whether you need radiation shielding, seek advice from a radiation expert.

Radiation shielding can be added to a variety of doors in the manufacturing process. Different door sizes and system available include swing doors, pivot doors, sliding doorsfire doorssmoke doors and glass doors (doors with glass viewing panels). By adding radiation shielding to a door, you protect employees, clients and members of the public from harm.

Security Doors for Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities can have specific safety needs or house sensitive material. In these instances, heavy-duty security doors may be required. These doors protect against outside threats and ward off intruders.

We provide a range of industrial security doors that meet Australian building standards, as outlined by the BCA (AS/NZS2343:1997). These security doors include ballistic doors, bullet proof doors and blast resistant doors. Security doors provide protection from weaponry assaults and forced entry, meaning your industrial facility will have a superior level of safety.

Hygienic Doors for Industrial Facilities

Industrial kitchens or research laboratories have high sanitary requirements and will need special purpose doors to maintain these hygiene standards. Hygienic doors are built with sanitation as their main goal. They are resistant to moisture and this means they do not harbour bacteria.

Our hygiene door sets have been designed to ensure the highest hygiene levels are maintained. They are also extremely versatile and can be manufactured to meet the needs of any industrial space.

The two most common materials used for metal sheeting in hygienic doors are steel and aluminium. At FSE Special Purpose Doors, our hygienic doors can also be manufactured as fire doors and radiation shielded fire doors. This will ensure the maximum level of safety and hygiene is maintained for any industrial space.

FSE Special Purpose Doors work with many clients in the industrial industry to design, manufacture and install doors.

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