Special Purpose Doors For Hotels: 4 Types That You Should Consider

Special purpose doors for hotels are necessary to meet a number of requirements pertaining to the safety and comfort and safety of guests and patrons. Here are 4 types you may want to consider.

Hotels are complex buildings that have a range of functions and purposes, and they require the right kind of doors to ensure the safety and comfort of building occupants and the smooth operation of a business. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of special purpose doors you may need to consider.

Fire Doors

Just like any other building, hotels require a strict and compliant fire protection system to be in place to ensure the safety of staff and patrons and thus comply with the Building Code of Australia. Hotel fire doors can be configured to suit a wide range of needs, functional or aesthetic.

Fire doors are very important for containing flames and smoke, ensuring they do not spread throughout the hotel and between buildings. This is called ‘compartmentalisation’ and is particularly pertinent when it comes to hotels, which are often located in built-up metropolitan areas where buildings are quite close together and the risk of fire spreading is much higher.

Hotel fire doors are available as:

Sliding fire doors

Hinged fire doors

Double action fire doors

Glass fire doors

Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors are well suited to hotels. Made of composite wood, these types of doors can be painted to suit the aesthetic of any hospitality venue. They are renowned for their practicality, durability and versatility with great sound attenuation properties and excellent levels of security.

They can be manufactured as a traditional pine blockboard core and a moisture resistant particleboard core, and are available in various finishes such as MDF, pre-primed hardboard, plywood and metal facings. They can also be fitted with accessories to suit any hotel.

fire doors for hospitality

Security Doors

Some hotels may require security doors to protect certain assets. We provide a range of security doors that adhere to Australian building standards outlined by the BCA (AS/NZS2343:1997). Our security range consists of a selection of ballistic doors, including:

• Bullet proof doors

• Blast resistant doors

They provide provide protection against things such as weaponry assaults, forced entry and other criminal attacks, and blasts and explosions.

Despite being heavy-duty and able to withstand a volatile assault, our security doors are extremely adaptable and can be aesthetically tailored to suit many types of hotel environments.

Heritage Doors Upgrades

Some hotels are located in a heritage listed premises. Heritage doors give venues a sense of character, charm and history. While retaining these traits is important, fire resistance ratings will still need to be met in hotels. In some cases, heritage doors will need to be upgraded to meet modern safety standards. This can be done while still following heritage preservation orders. Heritage doors can be upgraded when installing fireproofing systems to meet national standards.

A heritage door upgrade is the process of upgrading doors in heritage buildings to meet fire resistant ratings outlined by the BCA. In this process, hardware may be upgraded to suit the period of the door. A door may also be dismantled during an upgrade, so as to conceal new adjustments and proofing. Another method of upgrading heritage doors involves replacing the door completely. No matter the method, heritage doors in hotels can be updated to function with a high level of safety.

FSE Special Purpose Doors work with many clients in the hotel industry to design, manufacture and install doors.

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