Solid Core and Fire Door Prices

Fire rated doors are a crucial safety element in any building. Here is a breakdown of our solid core and fire door prices, plus some important information you need to know about our costs and products.

Click here to see full FSE Special Purpose Doors pricing list PDF. All numbers are in Australian dollars.

Solid Core Doors 

Our solid core doors are avaliable in 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm in either paint grade MDF, paint grade ply and pre-primed THB. There is also Laminated Veneered Lumber options. LVL construction consists of 3mm thick lamination of pine glued flat under pressure to produce a stable core.


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Solid Core Door Options and Accessories

Standard facing options:

• Optional edge strips

• 0.9mm sheeting

• 0.9 mm sheeting incl. capping

solid core accessory prices

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View panels and install options:

• View panels (small, quarter glass, half glass)

• Steel sheeted doors

• Door preps (semi morticed drop seal, fully morticed drop seal, small guide groove to bottom rail, power transfer hole)

• Meeting stile options (internal timber rebate, external timber rebate, internal timber bull nose, external timber bull nose)

fire door pricing

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• Grille cut out

• Out of square

• Special faces (inlayed panel mould designs, decorative veneers or laminates, F.J. pine bolection moulding )

• Prime

• FSC Approved CoC

fire door pricing

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Fire Doors 

Our fire doors are rated for either 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr and are avaliable in paint grade MDF, paint grade ply and pre-primed THB (excl. 1hr)

fire door pricing

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fire doors pricing

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Fire Door Options and Accessories 

Standard facing options:

• 0.9mm sheeting

• Optional edge strips

Special lining:

• Acoustic

• X-ray

door prices

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door prices

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door accessories prices

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accessory prices

Costing For Hinged Pairs 

costing for hinged pairs

Important Information

USING THE PRICELIST – PLEASE NOTE: It is the Customer responsibility to select the products required. It is assumed that all customers are aware of the requirement of AS1905.1 and AS1530.4 and products are selected based on the technical information found in the E-Core® ‘Fire Door Handbook’.

PLACING ORDERS: All orders should be placed through the OLOS ordering system.

If you require a log-in please contact the Sales Desk on 02 9905 8222 or 1300 43 66 77 (1300 4 DOORS) Customers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure all details are correct when orders are placed.

FSE Special Purpose Doors:

• Cannot accept responsibility for positioning of various accessories, options or reinforcements to door panels unless clearly stipulated when placing the order. Customers are encouraged to utilise the OLOS system to minimise errors, and expedite deliveries.

• Reserves the right to reject any orders that do not meet Australian Standards or Building Codes, or where it is deemed that the doors are structurally unsound or may not be fit for purpose.

It is important that you ensure your orders are accurate before placing them with FSE.

Please note that orders that are:

• Changed within 24 hours of being confirmed will incur a 15% rescheduling fee • Changed after 24 hours of being confirmed will incur a 35% rescheduling fee

• Orders changed or cancelled 48 hours prior to the confirmed delivery date will be charged accordingly


Prices are subject to change without notice and FSE Special Purpose Doors:

• Is not obligated to furnish reasons for any changes in pricing

• All price changes are at the Company’s absolute discretion

• Will honour pricing on orders received prior to the date of notification


In this pricelist, the door size is an “up to” door size. If your requirement is above the nominated standard size, please use the next largest size. For example if your door size is 2045×825 please use the 2100×920 pricing.


Doors are finished in MDF, Pre-Primed Tempered Hardboard or Plywood veneer (paint or selected timbers). It is imperative that the surfaces of the door are prepared and painted in accordance with the finish.

For example, any paint grade veneer will require filing and sanding to achieve the required final finish. FSE Special Purpose Doors will not be held responsible for any painting, filling or finishing.

Due to the nature of M.D.F, it is recommended, when painting, to use an acrylic (water based) undercoat / sealer, followed by two coats, minimum, of enamel gloss. Solvent based sealer coats have been known at times to activate the wax in the board causing dull patching.

Tempered Hardboard’ will be pre-prime-coated. Any raw door edging (eg external timber edge strips) will still require preprime regiments (prior to full and proper painting / sealing, to all surfaces and edges) to maintain integrity and compliance.


When costing pairs of fire doors, please include meeting stiles and additional reinforcing plates (see example below):

fire doors prices


Please note the following options are included in the prices quoted:

• 2 Way Swing (Double Action): Includes additional reinforcing plates and 1 set of Bull Nose meeting stiles per leaf (supplied loose).


If additional reinforcement plates are required for various hardware or additional hinges etc., you will be required to provide the exact plate position when placing your order. A sketch must be provided to ensure accurate placement.


If vision panels, air grilles or any other cut-out is required, a sketch must be provided to ensure accurate placement at the time of placing the order. The OLOS system caters for this requirement.


FSE holds FSC certification and is able to supply products as required. To ensure proper adherence to certification requirements it is imperative that any FSC orders are clearly specified “mixed” or “pure” and other pertinent requirements. It is imperative that any FSC requirements are requested at the time of placing orders.


It is the client’s responsibility to tag and certify the finished fire door installation. However, FSE can provide this service at an
additional cost if required. Please notify us when placing your order.

Please note:

• When certifying a fire rated doorset you must use a suitably qualified practitioner in the field of certifying fire doorsets.
• The certification of the fire doorset must be carried out as per AS1905.1 and other standards referenced in its content.
• The complete doorset, frame, door and hardware must follow the E-Core® designs as set out in the ‘Fire Door Hand Book’.

FSE Special Purpose Doors reserves the right to withdraw its support for a doorset if the above has not been carried out correctly and the doorset is in breach of the E-Core® ‘Fire Door Handbook’, the testing and certification standards.

Technical Information


Please ensure you provide the handing when require to avoid any delays in production. In many cases it is critical that the handing of the door is known to facilitate correct preparation during manufacturing. This is critical for correct placement of bolection moulds, bottom seals cut outs etc.

FSE Special Purpose Doors uses the following industry standard method of door handing:

fire door pricing


To ensure accurate placement of vision panels and air grilles – please ensure these drawings are supplied with every order. Copies are available from our website.


Rates for oversized doors have been included for customer convenience. However the doors can not come with a full warranty. FSE Special Purpose Doors can not offer a full warranty for any door size outside of the Australian standard.

If a more stable door is required FSE special Purpose Doors can offer steel internal subframes to solid core doors at additional cost.


fire door prices


fire door pricing


fire door pricing

To help support our customers major project requirements and provide consistent customer service FSE Special Purpose Doors have introduced our ‘Project registration’ initiative. The aim is to support our customers with Project rates and consistent guaranteed supply (subject to agreed time period).

FSE will work with you to ensure the doors are manufactured in advance ready for your Project needs.

The benefits to you:

• Competitive rates

• Supply of doors ready to call off to best suit your project needs

The benefits to FSE:

• Advanced knowledge of project requirements.

• Economy of scale manufacturing.

All projects will need a minimum of 30 doors (all the same size) for each order to receive standard size project rates.

solid core door pricing


• FSE Special Purpose Doors terms and conditions of sale. Click here to view.

• FSE Special Purpose Doors Manufacturer’s guarantee. Click here to view.

• FSE Special Purpose Doors OLOS terms and conditions of use. Click here to view.


Special Purpose Doors can deliver to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Please note:

• Prices exclude GST

• Delivery charges are for drop off within a 5 metre radius of the delivery vehicle.

• It is the customer’s responsibility to provide all labour, craning and hoisting as necessary to unload.

• Our drivers will not physically lift off, carry or place doors to instruction as this is the customer’s responsibility.

• It is the customer’s responsibility to move doors to their final location.

solid core door list

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, all of our fire rated doors are fully tested and certified to meet Australian fire resistance requirements. To find out more about our fire doors, please contact us at: [email protected] or 1300 4 DOORS.