Sliding Fire Door Systems

FSE Special Purpose Doors is an industry recognised specialist in the supply and installation of sliding fire door systems.

The strategy of using compartmentation to manage and resist the spread of fire within buildings is a long established fire engineering practice and appropriate methods are extensively prescribed in the Australian building codes.

This is generally achieved by using fire-rated wall systems to divide areas into manageable risk sizes. One of the inevitable outcomes of this strategy is that there will be situations where large openings are required in walls to allow for the effective movement of the plant or equipment, people, vehicles and machinery or where the use of conventional side hung fire doors is impractical due to limited space and size.

E-Core® Fire Doors

FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures and recommends E-Core® Sliding Fire Doors. E-Core® Sliding Fire Doors have been approved to AS1530.4 to suit the maximum Fire Resistance Level requirements of the Australian Building Regulations. The construction gives sliding fire doors that are slim-line and light weight, enabling them to be used in the widest possible scenarios. E-Core® Sliding Fire Doors are produced from the exact same material as E-Core® Hinged Fire Doors; that is, a solid, non-laminated homogenous construction containing no asbestos or other mineral fibres.

Sliding fire doors are generally specified for applications in factories, warehouses, car parks, shopping complexes, hospitals, schools and institutions.

sliding fire door systems

Sliding Fire Doors at FSE Special Purpose Doors

Sliding fire rated doors are a specialty at FSE Special Purpose Doors and they are one of our most popular passive fire products. Our experience and skills enable us to design, manufacture and install complex sliding fire door systems capable of meeting the requirements of the BCA.

We cover all applications for sliding fire doors, including single leaf, bi-parting, multiple leaf, overlapping leaf, parallel or a combination of these functionalities. We are also able to supply wicket access doors where required to facilitate effective means of egress to trapped occupants.

Sliding doors are available in a wide range of finishes (including stainless steel) and can be sealed for wet area protection and have been approved for use in road tunnels where it is a requirement to meet the hydrocarbon curve test. We can produce sliding fire doors with a range of fire resistant ratings, from 1 hour doors to 4 hour doors.

As per the requirements of the BCA, all Sliding Fire Door Systems must be controlled by an electronic hold open device that is linked to the operation of the building’s fire detection systems. FSE Special Purpose Doors can arrange for the supply and installation of the complete door system, including the detection and release (stand-alone or interfaced to the main building system) and automatic operation to control the speed and timing of closure to prevent potential injury or risk to occupants.

For any enquiries or assistance with Sliding Fire Door Systems, please contact FSE Special Purpose Doors at [email protected] or call 1300 663 451.