An Overview of Commercial Security Doors

Some commercial spaces such as banks, service stations and ticketing agencies require heavy-duty security doors to provide protection from attacks and forced entry. Let’s take a look at our commercial security doors.

Some commercial spaces present very specific requirements when it comes to safety and security. Aside from regular safety systems such as fire doors, heavy-duty security doors may be necessary for protection against more serious threats.

FSE Special Purpose Doors provide a range of commerical security doors that adhere to Australian building standards outlined by the BCA (AS/NZS2343:1997). Our security range consists of a selection of ballistic doors, including:

• Bullet proof doors

• Blast resistant doors

They provide provide protection against things such as weaponry assaults, forced entry and other criminal attacks, and blasts and explosions.

What Is a Ballistic Door?

Ballistic doors differ from standard security doors as they are designed to protect against more serious threats. The material used to make your door will depend entirely on the level of security required. They can be made from glass, metal (steel) and even wood.

Commercial security door sets (including frames, hinges, locks and viewing panels) are also fully tested and certified to ensure they can withstand a range of attack levels, including forced entry and projectile or blast penetration.

commercial security doors

What Commercial Spaces Require Ballistic Security Doors?

There are a number of commercial spaces that require extra security, including:

Retail spaces: services station, ticketing agencies, supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores

Financial spaces: banks, loan businesses, cash rooms

What Types of Commercial Security Doors Are avaliable?

Despite being heavy-duty and able to withstand a volatile assault, commercial security doors are extremely adaptable and can be aesthetically tailored to suit many types of designs and finishes. Our security doors can be customised to suit a number of different requirements and environments.

Ballistic doors can be fitted with a range of accessories, such as locks, fixings and glazed viewing windows. All security accessories must be factory fitted to ensure maximum resistance against threats. They can also be manufactured in a range of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of operations.

Much like fire doors they can be installed as:

Hinged Doors: Our standard hinged doors are perfect for use in commercial spaces where room is limited. The commercial FSE security door product has been designed and engineered for heavy duty use in commercial applications.

Sliding Doors: Our commercial sliding security doors come in a range of configurations to suit the available side-room and headroom. They are suitable in spaces where a conventional side hung door is impractical.

Automatic Swinging Doors: Swinging security doors are perfect in for spaces where doorways accommodate traffic flow in both directions. They perform like a normal security door, the key difference being that they swing 180-degrees to allow traffic to move quickly and easily back and forth through the doors – very useful in commercial spaces.

If you are looking for special purpose commercial security doors that you can rely on, please get in touch today. Contact FSE Special Purpose Doors on 1300 4 DOORS to discuss your security door needs.