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An Overview of Fire Doors For Schools

Here is an overview of fire doors for schools – why they are important and the different options avaliable from FSE Special Purpose Doors.  Educational facilities such as schools, TAFEs, private colleges and universities present very specific conditions for safety systems to be put in place. These kinds of buildings house large numbers of students and staff

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An Overview of Fire Doors For Hospitality

Here is an overview of fire doors for hospitality – why they are important and the different options avaliable from FSE Special Purpose Doors.  Hospitality venues are multi-faceted spaces that house a number of different activities and a diverse spread of people. Just like any other building, hospitality venues – such as pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants,

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Door Seals: Fire Doors, Smoke Doors and Soundproof Doors

Door seals are an essential element of any special purpose door for blocking smoke and fire, and for soundproofing purposes. Here is a more in-depth look at door seals. Doors are ubiquitous in everyday life, so much so that people rarely give them a second thought – doors are all the same, right? Wrong. There are

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Vermiculite Fire Doors

In past times, fire doors were heavy, difficult to construct and often made from unsafe materials, such as asbestos. This all changed with the introduction of vermiculite fire doors. Up until the early 1980’s, most fire doors were manufactured either using asbestos boards, fibre-cement boards or mineral fibre as their core. Around this time they were all

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What Is A Fire Resistance Level (FRL)?

Understanding what a fire resistance level (FRL) means is very important in ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia.  Fire doors, or fire rated doors, are one of the most important safety features of any building, but what exactly a fire door is can often be misunderstood. In Australia, the National Construction Code dictates that

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A Glossary of Door Components

Here is our ever-growing glossary of door components and terms that you may come across when researching the right doors for your project, home or business. FSE Special Purpose Doors are experts in all aspects of door manufacture and installation. We have particular expertise in fire doors, solid core doors, heritage door upgrades, acoustic doors,

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5 of The Most Infamous Fires In History

Throughout history there have been disasters that have changed the way that we have approached fire protection. Here are five of the most infamous fires in history. Fires can be absolutely devastating in all environments. From urban landscapes to the bush, fires can do an astonishing amount of damage, and they are indeed one of

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An Overview of Acoustic Doors & Soundproof Doors

Acoustic Doors from FSE Special Purpose Doors are an excellent option if your building or space has soundproofing or noise control requirements. Here is a handy overview of acoustic doors. The Basics of Acoustic Doors The purpose of Acoustic Doors is to provide sound insulation to protect your employees, visitors and other general members of the

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How To Identify a Fire Door

Being able to identify a fire door is very important for building owners, managers and homeowners. Here are some of the key things to look for. As we know, a fire door is a door that has been rated for protection against heat and smoke for a certain amount of time. But how do you identify

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