FSE is a wholly Australian owned company specialising in the manufacture and design of door systems solutions for commercial, industrial and special purpose applications.

How To Identify a Fire Door

Being able to identify a fire door is very important for building owners, managers and homeowners. Here are some of the key things to look for. As we know, a fire door is a door that has been rated for protection against heat and smoke for a certain amount of time. But how do you identify

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An Overview of Hotel Fire Doors

Here is an overview of hotel fire doors that covers the different options avaliable, heritage hotels and how to maintain your doors.  Just like any other building, hotels require a strict and compliant fire protection system to be in place. In these spaces, fire doors are particularly important for containing flame and smoke, making sure

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Doors

Fire doors are a crucial safety element in any building, in place to protect both the building and the people inside. Here are some frequently asked questions about fire doors to help clarify any queries you may have. Fire doors are an essential part of any building’s safety model and the overall protection of the

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Maintaining Your Fire Doors & Smoke Doors

Fire doors and smoke doors are of utmost significance in establishing a fire safe infrastructure for your building. Maintaining your fire doors in terms of their efficacy and compliance throughout their lifetime is critical in protecting your occupants and keeping your building fire safe. Why Do Doors Need Maintaining? Smoke doors and fire doors are

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Security Doors From FSE Special Purpose Doors

Security doors are those designed to protect the inhabitants of a building from an outside threat. Here is a rundown of the security doors avaliable from FSE Special Purpose Doors. FSE Special Purpose Doors provide a range of security doors that adhere to Australian building standards outlined by the BCA (AS/NZS2343:1997). Our security range consists of a

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Solid Core and Fire Door Prices

Fire rated doors are a crucial safety element in any building. Here is a breakdown of our solid core and fire door prices, plus some important information you need to know about our costs and products. Click here to see full FSE Special Purpose Doors pricing list PDF. All numbers are in Australian dollars. Solid

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Glass Fire Doors – What You Need To Know

What happens when glass doors need to be fire proof? Fire rated glazing is the way to go. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about glass fire doors. Glass is ubiquitous in modern construction and architecture. It is bold and smooth and is becoming increasingly common in commerical, industrial and residential

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Fire Rated Doors – What You Need To Know

Fire rated doors are a crucial safety element in any building. They are necessary to protect both the building and the people inside. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know about fire rated doors. In Australia, the National Construction Code dictates that all fire doors must be tested to certain

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