FSE is a wholly Australian owned company specialising in the manufacture and design of door systems solutions for commercial, industrial and special purpose applications.

How Are Radiation Shielded Doors Assessed?

Radiation is used in many of today’s modern industries, however, inadequate protection and mishandling can have numerous negative health impacts, ranging from nausea and skin irritation, all the way through to nerve damage and cancer. Radiation shielded doors are essential for providing protection to staff and clients, as well as the general public. Radiation shielding

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Timber Veneered Doors: What Are Your Options?

If you need special purpose doors to match a specific design in your building, a timber veneered door can be a great customisable option to help you achieve the look that you need. Timber veneered doors have a thin cut sheet of wood designed to give the door a special aesthetic. The flat sheet can

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An Overview of Sound Rated Doors

FSE’s sound rated doors are perfect if your building project requires soundproofing or noise control. Here is a handy overview of sound rated doors The Basics of Sound Rated Doors Sound rated doors help to insulate sound and protect employees, visitors and other members of the public against potential noise pollution in certain industries. •

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What Industries Need Biothermic Doors?

Biothermic doors create a gas-tight seal, which makes them essential in many industries such as manufacturing, freight, mining, research or the defence industries. Biothermic doors are essential in many industries as they create a tight seal preventing the flow of gas between various rooms or compartments. As a specialised piece of engineering, they are created

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An Overview of Luxury Fire Doors

If you’re looking for an elegant solution for ensuring your building complies with Australian fire safety regulations, there are many luxury fire door options to choose from. Fire doors are an extremely important element in a building’s fire protection model. However, when choosing quality fire doors, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in favour of

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An Overview of Sanitary Doors

Sanitary doors are specially configured to ensure optimum levels of cleanliness, offering high resistance to bacteria and other harmful agents.  Sanitary doors are a type of special purpose door required in medical facilities, and commercial and industrial spaces. They are specially configured to ensure optimum levels of cleanliness by offering a high resistance to bacteria and

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Who Needs Gas Tight Doors?

Because they are gas tight, biothermic doors have a very specific purpose. But who needs gas tight doors? Let’s take a look. When it comes to special purpose doors, gas tight doors are about as specialised as you get. Their configuration includes an airtight seal, which prevents the flow of gas between rooms or compartments. These specialised

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An Overview of Glazed Fire Doors

Glazed fire doors are perfect in buildings that require the illuminating qualities of glass, yet need to adhere to the regulations set out by the BCA.  Fire doors are an integral part of every commercial building’s fire protection model, however, this does not mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. Glass is a ubiquitous material in

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5 Reasons It Might Be Time To Replace Your Fire Door

Fire doors are built to last. That being said you may need to think about replacing yours at some point. Here are 5 reasons why.  Fire doors are incredibly sturdy, particularly those built for commercial or industrial use. However, this does not mean they are impervious to damage. No, there may come a time when

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