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Apartment Fire Door Regulations

Fire doors keep occupants of a building safe by stopping the spread of smoke and flames. Fire safety doors are a crucial part of any building’s fire safety infrastructure, however, to uphold their strata managers and occupants must be aware of the appropriate fire door regulation. Apartments are shared residential complexes and require strict fire

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A Beginner’s Guide to Fire Doors

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s fire protection model and are a crucial piece of infrastructure needed to keep residents safe. Fire doors stop the spread of smoke and flames between different areas of a building, while also working to prevent smoke from entering into isolated areas such as fire exits and

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Fire Rated Door Hardware

Fire rated doors ensure the safety of the occupants of a building and stop the spread of smoke between different parts of a building. A fire rated door is more than just the door unit itself, it includes different pieces of hardware, and without each of these components, the fire safety of the door would

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What Are the Benefits of Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors make entering and exiting a building a breeze and are generally a preference for customers and employees. Buildings that experience high foot traffic have a lot to benefit from automatic doors, especially given the fact that there are many different types to suit the needs of all industries. Automatic doors offer many conveniences

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How To Keep Fire Resistant Doors Compliant

Fire resistant doors are a crucial part of a building’s fire safe infrastructure. In order to keep your doors compliant, they must be maintained to the highest standard throughout their lifetime to ensure they continue to provide adequate safety to the occupants of a building. Fire doors are an essential safety feature that help to

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Maintaining Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors are crucial in creating fire safe infrastructure for your building. In order to ensure the efficacy and compliance of Fire Rated Doors throughout their lifetime, it is important to make sure they are correctly maintained so that occupants can remain fire safe. Fire Rated Doors are one of the most important safety

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Certifying Fire Resistant Doors

Fire resistant doors are one of the most important safety features of any building, but what does it actually take for a door to become certified as fire resistant? Fire Resistance Level or FRL, is a measure of a door’s fire rating and is an extremely important factor in ensuring that a door is compliant

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Why Are My Fire Doors No Longer Compliant?

Fire doors are very important in commercial, industrial and residential buildings to ensure the safety of the occupants. Fire doors must be kept compliant to ensure that they maintain their safety standards throughout their lifetime, and can provide safety in the case of an emergency. There are many reasons why fire doors may no longer

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