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3 ways to minimise fire hazards in the workplace

While all fires propose serious risks, fires in the workplace can be particularly challenging as there is a larger and more concentrated group of people that need to remain safe. Identifying risks and fire hazards are essential in maintaining fire safety in the workplace. Read on to find out how you can ensure fire safety

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Aesthetic qualities of timber veneered doors

If you need special-purpose doors to match a specific design or aesthetic in your building, a timber veneered door can be a wonderful customisable option to help you achieve the look that you need. So why choose a timber veneered door and what options do you have when it comes to design? Read on to

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A handy guide to special purpose doors

For those looking to install Special Purpose Doors, we understand that you might not have extensive knowledge on what you need. To get the best value for money and a door that suits your needs, it is important to gain an understanding of door terminology. That’s why we have rounded up all the essential information,

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What automatic commercial door is for you?

Automatic commercial doors are a great feature for businesses that experience a lot of foot traffic. They are generally a preference to customers entering busy buildings and employees in practical settings, however, what type of automatic commercial door suits your specific situation? It is important to pick the right door for your space and safety

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Ensuring your fire doors are always compliant

Fire-resistant doors are a crucial part of a building’s fire-safe infrastructure. To keep your doors compliant, they must be maintained to the highest standard throughout their lifetime to ensure they continue to provide adequate safety to the occupants of a building. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your fire-resistant

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Fire Doors: Common questions and answers

Fire doors are a crucial safety element in any building, protecting both the building and its contents, as well as the people inside. If you need to buy a fire door, it is likely you will have some questions. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about fire doors. What are

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Why choose a solid core door?

When deciding on special-purpose doors for your building, you will have the option of solid or hollow door cores. Solid core doors are certainly unmatched in terms of versatility, durability and practicality. Take a look at some of the many benefits of solid core doors below. What are solid core doors? Solid core doors are

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7 great benefits of steel doors

When it comes to special-purpose doors such as fire, security and acoustic doors, their quality relies heavily on what materials they are made from. And while steel might not be the first material that comes to your mind, it is certainly one of the best choices.  Steel is one of the best door materials for

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