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Special Purpose Doors For The Medical Industry: What To Consider

Here is an overview of the special purpose doors that are suitable for medical facilities, from dentist surgeries to hospitals to vets. Medical facilities are specialised spaces that require specially configured doors. From hospitals and aged care facilities to dental clinics and veterinaries, the safety requirements in healthcare are very strict and the legislation and building regulations

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Special Purpose Doors for Hospitality: 4 Types To Consider

Hospitality venues function in diverse ways. As such, they require a diversity of door choices to suit individual spaces. Here are four types of special purpose doors for hospitality. Hospitality venues require the right special purpose doors to suit the needs of staff and patrons. This will ensure the safety of building occupants and the

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Special Purpose Doors For Schools: 7 Types You Should Consider

Schools are environments with a multitude of purposes. As such, they may require a variety of different doors to suit their needs. Here are seven types of special purpose doors for schools. Schools, colleges and universities hold a great number of people. Depending on the type of establishment, they may require specific doors to suit

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What Makes a Good Acoustic Door?

Acoustic doors are vital in spaces that require efficient soundproofing, such as theatres and recording studios. Here is what makes for a good acoustic door. Acoustic doors are a fundamental element of many spaces that we come across every day. Your eyes may not always notice them, but your ears definitely do. A good acoustic

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An Overview of Fire Door Frames

We supply rigorously-tested fire door frames that can be configured to meet all your requirements. Take a look at an overview of doors frames below. Here at FSE, our fire door expertise is second to none. We supply a comprehensive range of special purpose door sets: door, hardware and fire door frames. These can either

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What Are Panic Bars And Do You Need Them?

Many commercial spaces such as stadiums, theatres and office buildings require panic bars to be implemented in exit doors to allow easy access in an emergency. Panic bars – also known as a crash bar, panic exit device, or a push bar – is a special type of door handle designed specifically for emergency exits, fire doors

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An Overview of Bullet Resistant Doors

For buildings that require heavy-duty protection against forced entry and weaponry assaults, bullet resistant doors (also known as bulletproof doors) are an excellent choice.  There are some kinds of buildings that require extra security measures to be put in place to ensure protection against criminal attacks. When it comes to defending against weaponry assault, ballistic doors are

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An Overview of Oversized Doors

Oversized doors are suitable for large buildings that have specific spacial requirements. They can also be configured to meet a range of needs. Let’s take a look at the options. Doors are a standard component of every building. However, some spaces present specific spacial requirement that require special purpose oversized doors. As you might have guessed, oversized doors

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Hospitality Fire Doors

Fire doors are a necessary safety feature of every hospitality venue in Australia. Here’s an overview of hospitality fire doors and the options available from FSE. When it comes to fire safety in hospitality venues, there are very strict regulations in Australia. Fire doors are a necessary element of the fire protection model in these spaces, crucial

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