Making a fire escape plan

With a bushfire crisis currently sweeping across our country, it has never been more important to practice fire safety. One crucial step in ensuring that your home or workplace is safe is creating a fire escape plan.

So what is a fire escape plan and how can you make one which will improve your safety and ability to survive a fire? Read on to find out.

What is a fire escape plan?

A fire escape plan is a set of rules or steps that a household or workplace must know and follow so that they can escape a fire as quickly and safely as possible. It is a good idea to have the plan in writing and to go over it regularly to ensure that everyone has a strong understanding of what to do if a fire does pose a risk.

What is included in a fire escape plan? 

While there may be inclusions specific to your workplace or household, there are some things that every fire escape plan must include. They are:

  • The two quickest ways out of every room
  • How to exit from upstairs if the home or building has more than one storey
  • An agreed-upon meeting place outside, such as the letterbox
  • How to call Triple Zero

Other inclusions may be a spot where important documents or valuables are kept, where keys to windows and doors are kept or how to handle pets during an escape. 

Making your fire escape plan

Fire and Rescue NSW has a number of useful resources online, as well as tips and advice about fire safety. This includes a fire escape plan template which can be used to draw your home’s floor plan and the primary and secondary routes of escape from each room, as well as a safety meeting spot such as a letterbox or street sign. You can access and print out this template here. After completing the plan it is important to discuss it with those in your household and to revisit it every few months, ensuring that everyone has a strong understanding. Having a home escape plan in conjunction with a working smoke alarm will greatly increase your chances of getting out safely. 

Important tips and advice

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