Maintaining Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors are crucial in creating fire safe infrastructure for your building. In order to ensure the efficacy and compliance of Fire Rated Doors throughout their lifetime, it is important to make sure they are correctly maintained so that occupants can remain fire safe.

Fire Rated Doors are one of the most important safety features of a building, however, they must be appropriately maintained so that they continue to protect occupants, staff and the general public.

Why Do Fire Rated Doors Need Maintaining?

Fire Rated Doors have the ability to save lives by containing flames and smoke in the event of a fire and can stop an inferno from spreading between buildings or isolated areas.

To make sure that doors continue to hold these protective qualities, they need to be regularly checked to make sure they continue to comply with the Building Code of Australia. All necessary elements just be checked including the door itself, hinges, framing, handles, latches and locks.

Any small disruption with a door’s components may compromise its performance in the event of a disaster, so it is crucial that they are periodically checked by a certified authority.

Regular Inspections

Fire Rated Doors must be inspected bi-annually to make sure that they remain compliant with regulations set by the Building Code of Australia.

Maintaining fire rated doors means making sure that:

• Door frames, leaves and hardware continue to uphold their required fire resistance rating (in accordance with AS1905) in regards to material, construction and installation.

• All door fixtures continue to function properly, with self-closing and self-latching mechanisms fully operational at all times.

• Doors have not been fitted with a deadbolt lock or similar since the last inspection.

• Clearances on all edges of the door are compliant with regulations and have not been altered since the last inspection.

• Doors are not damaged, split, cracked, broken, misshapen, misaligned or altered in any way that could affect their functionality in the advent of a fire.


Another critical component of Fire Rated Door maintenance is that they continue to display the appropriate signage, based on the requirements of your state, or those set out by the Building Code of Australia.

Signs should identify the door as a Fire Rated Door or as a fire exit and should notify occupants not to obstruct the door under any circumstance. In NSW the sign must display penalties for ‘Offences Relating to Fire Exits.’

Between Inspections

In between inspections, you can make sure your Fire Rated Doors are continually maintained by keeping an eye out for:

• Any damage to doors, door hardware or frames. Small issues such as a missing screw may be fixable, however, if the door is not functioning correctly a professional should be called immediately.

• Signage that is damaged, defaced or missing. It is important that signs are maintained so that they are clear and legible at all times.

• Obstacles or clutter that may be obstructing access from doors, or preventing them from opening or closing in an efficient manner.

• Any other fire door offences carried out by staff or occupants of a building. It is important that the regulations are communicated to everyone who frequents the building so that they continue to comply with fire safety laws.

Do your fire rated doors need extra attention?

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