How To Keep Fire Resistant Doors Compliant

Fire resistant doors are a crucial part of a building’s fire safe infrastructure. In order to keep your doors compliant, they must be maintained to the highest standard throughout their lifetime to ensure they continue to provide adequate safety to the occupants of a building.

Fire doors are an essential safety feature that help to contain the spread of flames within a building, however, if they are not compliant they may not be up to the task in the presence of an emergency. Here’s how you can make sure that your fire resistant doors continue to be compliant.

Regular Inspections

Inspections are a major factor in making sure that fire doors remain compliant. They are required bi-annually by accredited officials to make sure that doors still comply with regulations set by the Building Code of Australia. Inspections check the following:

• All door openers continue to function properly and all latching mechanisms continue to lock and unlock as designed.
• All parts of the door, frame and hardware uphold their required fire resistance rating in accordance with AS1905.
Doors do not have deadbolt locks.
• Clearances around the edges of the door maintain the required measurements and are compliant with regulations.
• Doors have not been misaligned, split, altered or damaged in any way that could affect their safety protection.

Regular Checks

Between inspections, you should still keep an eye on your doors to make sure they continue to be in working order, and comply with fire safety regulations. Some checks that you can perform include:

• Looking out for any damage on the door, its hardware, or its frames. Some damage, such as a missing screw, may be repairable, however, if the damage is more serious you may need to contact a professional.
• Keeping your door clear of obstacles that may obstruct your door’s functioning.
• Make sure that occupants are aware that damaging or obstructing doors can mean they are disrupting fire safety regulation.


Signage is a very important part of fire safe regulation and your doors should always display the correct sign, as set by the Building Code of Australia. Signs that are damaged or defaced should be replaced immediately.

The required signs vary from state to state, however, notices should be displayed to identify the door clearly as a fire door, so it can be clearly seen in the advent of an emergency. In NSW doors must instruct occupants not to obstruct the door and depict the penalties for offences relating to fire exits. Follow the link for more information around signage for fire doors.

Do your fire rated doors need extra attention?

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